ITM and POINT Biopharma Expand Global Supply Agreement for n.c.a. Lutetium-177

Garching / Munich, Germany and Indianapolis, IN, USA, July 31, 2023 –  ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE (ITM), a leading radiopharmaceutical biotech company and POINT Biopharma Global Inc. (NASDAQ: PNT) (“POINT”), a company accelerating the discovery, development, and global access to life-changing radiopharmaceuticals, today announced the expansion of their global supply agreements signed in 2020. The expanded agreement broadens the supply of ITM’s non-carrier-added lutetium-177 (n.c.a. 177Lu) to POINT to enable its usage in the clinical and potential future commercial development of the 177Lu-based molecules in POINT’s development pipeline. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed. 

“Since POINT launched in late 2019, ITM has been a key partner to us as we have worked to establish a commercially scalable, reliable and redundant n.c.a. lutetium-177 supply chain,” said Joe McCann, Ph.D., CEO of POINT Biopharma. “In building on this established trust and ITM’s position as the world’s leading manufacturer of n.c.a. lutetium-177, we value the ability to utilize ITM’s highly pure radioisotope across our growing pipeline of next-generation radioligands for precision oncology.”

Steffen Schuster, CEO of ITM added, “It is our objective to make Targeted Radionuclide Therapy as broadly available as possible, not only by advancing our own pipeline, but also by supporting the whole industry with a stable and scalable isotope supply. We look forward to enriching our long-term collaboration with POINT by supplying our versatile n.c.a. lutetium-177 for the development and commercialization of various novel molecules.

ITM holds a U.S. Drug Master File (DMF) with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for n.c.a. 177Lu and has marketing authorization in the EU (brand name EndolucinBeta®).

About Targeted Radionuclide Therapy
Targeted Radionuclide Therapy is an emerging class of cancer therapeutics, which seeks to deliver radiation directly to the tumor while minimizing radiation exposure to normal tissue. Targeted radiopharmaceuticals are created by linking a therapeutic radioisotope to a targeting molecule (e.g., peptide, antibody, small molecule) that can precisely recognize tumor cells and bind to tumor-specific characteristics, such as receptors on the tumor cell surface. As a result, the radioisotope accumulates at the tumor site and decays, releasing a small amount of ionizing radiation, with the goal of destroying tumor tissue. The precise localization enables targeted treatment with potentially minimal impact to healthy surrounding tissue.

ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE
ITM, a leading radiopharmaceutical biotech company, is dedicated to providing a new generation of radiomolecular precision therapeutics and diagnostics for hard-to-treat tumors. We aim to meet the needs of cancer patients, clinicians and our partners through excellence in development, production and global supply. With improved patient benefit as the driving principle for all we do, ITM advances a broad precision oncology pipeline, including two phase III studies, combining the company’s high-quality radioisotopes with a range of targeting molecules. By leveraging our nearly two decades of pioneering radiopharma expertise, central industry position and established global network, ITM strives to provide patients with more effective targeted treatment to improve clinical outcome and quality of life.

About POINT Biopharma
POINT Biopharma Global Inc. is a globally focused radiopharmaceutical company building a platform for the clinical development and commercialization of radioligands that fight cancer. POINT aims to transform precision oncology by combining a portfolio of targeted radioligand assets, a seasoned management team, an industry-leading pipeline, in-house manufacturing capabilities, and secured supply for medical isotopes including actinium-225 and lutetium-177. POINT’s active clinical trials include FRONTIER, a phase 1 trial for PNT2004, a pan-cancer program targeting fibroblast activation protein-α (FAP-α), and SPLASH, the phase 3 trial for PNT2002 for people with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) after second-line hormonal treatment. Learn more about POINT Biopharma Global Inc. at

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