Caviar Delivery Singapore - Nomad's Best Online Caviar Shop Launches 1KG and 1.7KG Tins

Singapore, July 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nomad Caviar Singapore is making one of the world’s most luxurious products, caviar, a household staple for local residents. Cutting out the middlemen who only drive up costs, the company seeks to topple conventions and prices alike, making this famous delicacy accessible to all. Learn more about the company and its vision here:

Nomad Caviar is a fast-growing success story for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that it takes time to find the right sources. The caviar it sells is intended for a new generation, one that is conscious of the environment and the value of ethics in transactions. As such, customers may be pleased to learn that Nomad Caviar sources all its caviar from the best, most sustainable farms. The company's existence offers no undue impact to existing wildlife or the environment.

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By sticking to its decision to cut out the middleman, Nomad Caviar has been able to bring prices within range of the average Singaporean, and this has had the additional effect of tackling long-held beliefs and practices as well.

The company points out that caviar’s reputation as an elite food—served in small amounts and only to a select few—is a relatively modern invention. Over most of human history, caviar has been served generously, with people enjoying much more than a simple mouthful during meals. The company believes this is the way caviar should be enjoyed, and it encourages customers to order enough to consume in appreciable quantities.

As previously announced, Nomad Caviar itself began as a result of its founder's experience with people driving up the price of caviar. Jason Cohen, a name which many in the hospitality industry may already be familiar with, found himself in a situation where he was obliged to spend excessive amounts of money on caviar when sourcing it for several group dinners some time ago. The price, he realised, was not due to the cost associated with the product itself. Instead, it was driven up by third parties who otherwise had no impact on the product’s viability.

Since they offered nothing but an added expense, Cohen decided it was worth trying to source directly from the farms. In time, he came to understand that many would be similarly excited by the promise of fresh, tasty, high-quality caviar that was not blemished by unnecessarily high prices. Today, Nomad Caviar delivers caviar directly from farm to table, allowing Singaporeans to enjoy this excellent dish as it always should have been.

Notably, not all caviar is made equal, and Nomad Caviar has been aware of this from the moment of its inception. The team engaged in a great deal of research to meet the company’s goals. In addition to being ethically sourced, the caviar in question had to be of an undeniably good quality that made an excellent first impression on everyone who gave it a try — and kept them coming back for more. It took them a while to find the perfect farms for the job, but Nomad Caviar is delighted to share that it was able to succeed with virtually no compromises.

Following its latest brand launch in Singapore in July 2022, Nomad Caviar was able to collaborate with farms that meet their high standards in every way imaginable, from the method of cultivation to the exemplary taste. The result of this is Kaluga Hybrid caviar, brought directly to customers’ dining tables from sustainable, reputable farmers.

Nomad Caviar encourages customers to learn more about Kaluga Hybrid and what contributes to its distinctive flavour profile. More information about the company, its practices, products and so on can be found on its official website, and interested parties are welcome to contact Jason Cohen of Nomad Caviar Singapore for other enquiries. For more information visit:


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