Cycode Elevates its Security First, Developer-Friendly AppSec & ASPM Platform with New Capabilities

Expands hardcoded secrets detection to include Confluence, AWS S3 Buckets and Azure to stop supply chain attacks in their tracks

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cycode, the leading Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) platform for code to cloud, today announced the expansion of its hardcoded secrets detection in cloud-based workplaces, as well as a collaboration with Azure DevOps pipelines to ensure end-to-end supply chain integrity and a new IDE plug-in for seamless integration with VS Code.

Building upon its existing code-to-cloud coverage, Cycode now extends its secrets scanning capabilities to encompass Confluence, AWS S3 buckets and Azure environments. This expansion empowers organizations to proactively identify and remediate hidden security risks by detecting hardcoded secrets across diverse platforms that go beyond code.

“Hardcoded secrets are a ticking time bomb, but Cycode can help defuse it,” said Ronen Slavin, co-founder and CTO of Cycode. “The proliferation of tools and technologies that developers use increases the risk of hardcoded secrets, spanning from code repos to the entire supply chain. For example, secrets can be stored in Confluence, AWS S3 buckets and Azure environments. By expanding its secrets scanning capabilities to include these tools and environments, Cycode helps organizations achieve full coverage and reduce the risk of data breaches. Security teams and developers need to collaborate to guarantee proper protection, and Cycode’s expanded secrets scanning capabilities can help them to do just that.”

In addition to the expansion of cloud-based workspaces, Cycode’s Cimon, a free CI monitoring solution to secure CI/CD pipelines, now operates with Azure DevOps pipelines to enable SLSA (Supply Chain Levels for Software Artifacts) attestation generation. Organizations using Azure DevOps can now enhance their pipeline security by automatically generating SLSA attestations, ensuring end-to-end supply chain visibility and integrity.

Cimon’s robust capabilities combined with Azure DevOps empower development teams to build and deploy software with greater confidence, proactively addressing potential supply chain vulnerabilities and mitigating risks in today’s evolving threat landscape.

Another milestone in Cycode’s commitment to delivering a security-first, developer-friendly experience is the new IDE Plug-in for Visual Studio Code (VS Code). By seamlessly integrating with one of the most popular integrated development environments, Cycode empowers developers to identify and address security vulnerabilities directly within their coding environment.

With this plug-in, developers can establish robust security practices from the earliest stage of development by proactively detecting and remediating hardcoded secrets. The IDE plug-in for VS Code bridges the gap between security and development, enabling teams to build secure applications without compromising productivity and without context switching.

Cycode will showcase its platform capabilities at this year’s Black Hat Conference on August 9-10. Stop by booth #1875 to see the industry's top AppSec platform in action or sign up to meet with the executive team here.

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About Cycode
Cycode is a leading Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) platform that scales and standardizes AppSec without slowing down the business. The security first, developer-friendly platform enables enterprises to deliver software fast without compromising on security. With Cycode’s built-in ASPM, security teams can eliminate context switching, amplify visibility, prioritize and eliminate risk to ensure end-to-end, code to cloud coverage, leaving no room for attacks to go unnoticed. Backed by tier-one investors, Insight Partners and YL Ventures, the series-B company has raised $80M and boasts a number of the top global Fortune 100 customers in the world that are gaining immediate value.

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