Skyhawk Re-invents Cloud Detection Response with Industry’s First Generative AI-Powered Shift Left CDR Technology

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BLACK HAT - Skyhawk Security, the originator of cloud threat detection and response (CDR), now also called Cloud Incident Response and Analytics (CIRA) by Gartner, is re-inventing its approach with the introduction of Shift Left CDR technology, an industry first.

Skyhawk will demonstrate the power of its new Shift Left CDR technology for the first time in booth SC503 at Black Hat USA 2023, taking place August 9-10 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Until now, Cloud Threat Detection systems started the detection process with events on the perimeter—the left—and collected and analyzed more events as time moved on to the right. This approach creates two major issues, since these other systems either generate too many alerts on non-priority events, stretching SOC resources too thin and creating alert fatigue, or they alert too late on high risk-events, which increases the risk of a data breach.

Skyhawk’s Shift Left CDR innovation moves the threat detection process further to the left, even before the events happening at the perimeter, making the crown jewels themselves the starting point. Using generative AI and machine learning, the patent-pending Shift Left CDR technology makes a contextual analysis of the infrastructure and determines potential paths hackers could take to them. Armed with this predictive information, Skyhawk’s CDR platform can more effectively identify potentially serious threats, thus prioritizing incidents that can risk the organization’s crown jewels, alerting on those events that matter much earlier and reducing the noise created by false alarms.

“The extensive field experience we gained was essential to developing this technology breakthrough,” said Chen Burshan, CEO of Skyhawk Security. “As one of the first entrants to this relatively young CDR category, now recognized as CIRA by Gartner, we have a rich perspective and data set that newer players just do not have. In addition, we were first adapters of generative AI for CDR, already used in our platform, which we are now also using as an enabling technology for our Shift Left CDR implementation.”

Earlier this year, the company added the power of generative AI to its Skyhawk Synthesis Security Platform to enhance CDR. The depth of AI technology helps Skyhawk detect threats in near real time and increases operational efficiency. As a result, Synthesis reports 100X fewer events and only creates a realistic number of “realerts” that a security team can manage, investigate and remediate. The AI-powered upgrade also detects real threats faster in 78% of test cases and makes forensics easier by providing enhanced context, better explanations of the threats and automated response remediation.

Skyhawk delivers comprehensive breach prevention and focused, well-explained alerts, so security teams know what to address first and how to respond faster to incidents.

The introduction of Shift Left CDR technology into Skyhawk Synthesis Security Platform further solidifies the company's position as a technology leader, offering a robust solution with a low Total Cost of Ownership for Cloud Native Threat Detection. This new innovation significantly enhances the productivity of security teams when responding to real risks that threaten their crown jewels.

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About Skyhawk Security 
Skyhawk Security is the originator of Cloud Threat Detection and Response (CDR), helping hundreds of users map and remediate sophisticated threats to cloud infrastructure in minutes. Led by a team of cybersecurity and cloud professionals who built the original CSPM category, Skyhawk Security evolves cloud security posture management far beyond scanning and static configuration analysis. Instead, using advanced generative AI and ML sequencing of context-based behaviors, Skyhawk provides CDR within a ‘Runtime Hub’ to quickly detect and remediate malicious activities across multiple cloud platforms as they happen. Skyhawk Security is a spin-off of Radware® (NASDAQ:RDWR).

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