Alliance for Decision Education Expands its Teacher Fellowship Program with Selection of 2023–2024 Teacher Fellows

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Alliance for Decision Education, a national nonprofit organization leading the movement to have decision-making skills taught in K-12 schools, today announced the selection of 25 Teacher Fellows from across the United States to join its Decision Education Teacher Fellowship program. These new Teacher Fellows will join existing Teacher Fellows from various states, collectively working to expand the field of Decision Education.

The Decision Education Teacher Fellowship brings together educators from around the country, offering them the opportunity to learn about Decision Education and implement new practices and activities with their students throughout the school year. The Alliance offers three levels of the Fellowship: Level 1 for teachers interested in learning about Decision Education, and the advanced Levels 2 and 3 for teachers who have already completed one or more Fellowships and have experience teaching decision-making skills. As part of their dedication to ongoing learning, collaboration, and advocacy for teaching decision-making skills to students, the Teacher Fellows are participating in the 2023–2024 Decision Education Teacher Fellowship Orientation, taking place this week in Philadelphia.

The 25 new Teacher Fellows, along with the returning 20 Level 2 and six Level 3 Teacher Fellows, will all engage in sessions focusing on foundational aspects of Decision Education, community building, and presentations by returning Teacher Fellows. The goal is to foster a supportive and collaborative environment, where participants can share real-world applications and experiences. Representing 43 schools in 15 states, the Alliance Teacher Fellows bring a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to the program.

"We are excited to work with so many talented educators in our most diverse cohort yet to enhance the understanding and share the implementation of Decision Education across a variety of school settings,” said Alison Stumacher, Interim Deputy Director of Education at the Alliance. "Expanding the program this way gives us a greater breadth of teacher experience to learn from and enables us to share a broader range of ideas and information."

In addition to the enriching sessions and learning opportunities, the keynote presentation will be delivered by Kevin Parkinson, author of the Teachers Decide newsletter and principal of Midtown Public Charter School in Jackson, Mississippi. Mr. Parkinson is a passionate advocate for the importance and effectiveness of Decision Education in the classroom.

About the Alliance 

The Alliance for Decision Education is a national nonprofit and field builder leading the growing call to have Decision Education taught in schools across the country. Founded in 2014 and backed by experts in decision science and education, including several Nobel laureates, the Alliance believes that better decisions lead to better lives and a better society.

The Alliance is working with teachers, academic and business leaders, families, and community members to raise awareness and improve lives by empowering students with essential skills and dispositions for making better decisions.

For more information about the Alliance for Decision Education, please visit the website at, or connect with us on TwitterLinkedInFacebook, and YouTube.

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