Global Direct Air Capture (DAC) Market Report 2023-2033: Growing Market Demand for Clean Technologies - Exploring DACs Role in Emissions Reduction

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The global demand for clean technologies and environmentally friendly products has been steadily increasing, driven by a pressing need to reduce emissions and combat climate change.

Among the emerging strategies in this pursuit is Direct Air Capture (DAC), a groundbreaking carbon dioxide removal technique that utilizes sophisticated, often proprietary technology to capture and either store or utilize carbon dioxide directly from the surrounding air.

The captured CO2 can be permanently stored in deep geological formations and depleted aquifers, while novel technologies can employ mineralization to trap CO2 in rocks. Moreover, the captured carbon dioxide finds applications in various industries.

Despite being in its early stages, with a limited number of DAC plants currently in operation, mainly located in Europe, the USA, Canada, and Japan, the potential of these cutting-edge technologies is expected to play an increasingly significant role in the carbon capture market.

The US government's provision of $3.5 billion in grants has provided a substantial incentive for companies to invest in and develop this technology, fostering innovation and encouraging further growth in the DAC sector.

The ability to sell or convert CO2 into useful products provides a commercialization pathway for DAC, with products including:

  • Concrete and Cement.
  • Precursors for plastics, chemicals, feedstocks etc.
  • Synthetic Fuels.
  • Food processing.
  • Enhanced oil recovery.

Report contents include:

  • Analysis of the overall market for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS).
  • Costs for DAC, current and targeted.
  • Pros and cons of DAC.
  • In-depth DAC technology analysis.
  • Comparative analysis of DAC to other carbon capture tech.
  • Commercialization and plants including production capacities.
  • Market challenges.
  • Key players analysis.
  • Markets for CO2 captured by DAC.

Profiles of 62 companies involved in Direct Air Capture (DAC). Companies profiled include

  • AspiraDAC
  • Carbofex Oy
  • CarbonCapture Inc.
  • Charm Industrial
  • Climeworks
  • Holocene
  • 44.01
  • Mission Zero Technologies
  • Noya
  • Occidental Petroleum Corp
  • Removr

Key Topics Covered:


2.1 Definition of Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)
2.2 Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
2.3 Key market barriers for CCUS

3.1 What is CCUS?
3.1.1 Carbon Capture Source Characterization Purification CO2 capture technologies
3.1.2 Carbon Utilization CO2 utilization pathways
3.1.3 Carbon storage Passive storage Enhanced oil recovery
3.2 The current Direct Air Capture (DAC) market
3.3 CCSUS Market map
3.4 Commercial CCUS facilities and projects
3.4.1 Facilities Operational Under development/construction
3.5 CCUS Value Chain
3.6 Transporting CO2
3.6.1 Methods of CO2 transport Pipeline Ship Road Rail
3.6.2 Safety
3.7 Costs
3.7.1 Cost of CO2 transport
3.8 Carbon credits

4.1 CO2 capture from point sources
4.1.1 Transportation
4.1.2 Global point source CO2 capture capacities
4.1.3 By source
4.1.4 By endpoint
4.2 Main carbon capture processes
4.2.1 Materials
4.2.2 Post-combustion
4.2.3 Oxy-fuel combustion
4.2.4 Liquid or supercritical CO2: Allam-Fetvedt Cycle
4.2.5 Pre-combustion

5.1 Technology description
5.1.1 Solid and liquid DAC
5.2 Advantages of DAC
5.3 Deployment
5.4 Point source carbon capture versus Direct Air Capture
5.5 Technologies
5.5.1 Solid sorbents
5.5.2 Liquid sorbents
5.5.3 Liquid solvents
5.5.4 Airflow equipment integration
5.5.5 Passive Direct Air Capture (PDAC)
5.5.6 Direct conversion
5.5.7 Co-product generation
5.5.8 Low Temperature DAC
5.5.9 Regeneration methods
5.6 Commercialization and plants
5.7 Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) in DAC
5.8 DAC plants and projects-current and planned
5.9 Costs
5.10 Market challenges for DAC
5.11 Market prospects for direct air capture
5.12 Players and production
5.13 Co2 utilization pathways
5.14 Markets for DAC
5.14.1 Fuels Overview Production routes Methanol Algae based biofuels CO2-fuels from solar Companies Challenges
5.14.2 Chemicals, plastics and polymers Overview Scalability Plastics and polymers Urea production Inert gas in semiconductor manufacturing Carbon nanotubes Companies
5.14.3 Construction materials Overview CCUS technologies Carbonated aggregates Additives during mixing Concrete curing Costs Companies Challenges
5.14.4 CO2 Utilization in Biological Yield-Boosting Overview Applications Companies
5.14.5 Food and feed production
5.14.6 CO2 Utilization in Enhanced Oil Recovery Overview CO2-EOR facilities and projects
5.15 Storage
5.15.1 CO2 storage sites Storage types for geologic CO2 storage Oil and gas fields Saline formations
5.15.2 Global CO2 storage capacity
5.15.3 Costs


  • 8Rivers
  • Aeroborn B.V.
  • Air Quality Solutions Worldwide DAC
  • AirCapture LLC
  • AspiraDAC Pty Ltd.
  • Avnos, Inc.
  • Captura Corporation
  • Capture6
  • Carbfix
  • Carbo Culture
  • Carbofex Oy
  • Carbominer
  • Carbon Blade
  • Carbon CANTONNE
  • Carbon Capture, Inc. (CarbonCapture)
  • Carbon Collect Limited
  • Carbon Engineering Ltd.
  • Carbon Reform, Inc.
  • CarbonBuilt
  • Carbyon BV
  • Charm Industrial
  • Climeworks
  • CO2CirculAir B.V.
  • CO2Rail Company
  • Decarbontek LLC
  • Earth RepAIR
  • E-Quester
  • ExxonMobil
  • Fervo Energy
  • GE Research
  • Global Thermostat LLC
  • Greenlyte Carbon Technologies
  • Gulf Coast Sequestration
  • Heirloom Carbon Technologies
  • Holocene
  • Holy Grail, Inc.
  • Infinitree LLC
  • InnoSepra LLC
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
  • Krajete GmbH
  • Mission Zero Technologies
  • Neustark AG
  • Noya
  • Occidental Petroleum Corp.
  • Oy Hydrocell Ltd.
  • Parallel Carbon Limited
  • Proton Power, Inc.
  • Removr
  • RepAir Carbon DAC Ltd.
  • Running Tide Technologies, Inc.
  • Skyrenu Technologies
  • Skytree
  • Soletair Power Oy
  • South Ocean Air
  • Southern Green Gas
  • Sustaera
  • Valiidun, Inc.
  • Verdox
  • YuanChu Technology Corp
  • ZS2 Technologies

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