SEIU Local 2 says Molson-Coors won’t budge from June position at mediation

Is brewery giant interested in reaching a settlement with Granville Island Brewing workers at all?

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After claiming that they were prepared to use mediation to settle the labour dispute, it seems Molson-Coors is not in fact interested in reaching a negotiated settlement at Granville Island Brewing.

The Union arrived at mediation on August 1st fully intending to reach a fair settlement and tried to find a middle ground. Conversely, the employer’s negotiator said Molson-Coors was not willing to budge from the offer they made several weeks ago, which led to the strike.

“Why is Molson-Coors publicly saying they want to go to mediation, when they are not willing to actually negotiate a settlement?” asks Aaron Nakonechny, one of the workers. “It seems disingenuous and simply a public relations stunt.”

The workers began their strike on July 8 when Molson-Coors failed to agree to a fair wage increase at negotiations. The workers are continuing their Solidarity Saturday actions. For more information please visit

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