Blue Chip ESGR Announces the Launch of “Green Chip Environmental” and the Appointment of Roohee Thaver

EDMONTON, Alberta, Aug. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Board of Directors of Q-Chip Group of Companies, comprising Blue Chip ESGR and Green Chip Environmental, is pleased to announce the appointment of Roohee Thaver as shareholder and Director of Operations for Green Chip Environmental. Roohee's reporting line will be directly to shareholders of Green Chip Environmental. The carrying out of this decision was undertaken with the objective of ensuring that resident professionals are allocated to their particular fields of competence, in accordance with our growth strategies and dedication to achieving high standards of excellence.

Green Chip Environmental focuses on helping clients reduce greenhouse gas emissions from providing support with inventories and estimating reductions. Assisting with fuel, flare, and vent reduction initiatives, as well as fugitive emissions, including leak detection, Green Chip Environmental specializes in programs that are designed to reduce methane emissions and establish emission estimates, reductions, and offsets. Other services include registering devices and systems with the Alberta Carbon Registry and identifying opportunities for voluntary GHG emission reductions, carbon reduction strategies, quantification for instrument gas to instrument air system conversions, pneumatic device electrification, and pneumatic vent gas capture projects. Green Chip Environmental helps with project management and credit generation, applying for funding through Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) support program, climate change regulatory development, and purchasing, selling of credits.

“Company shareholders are overjoyed with Roohee's advancement,” Blue Chip ESGR and Green Chip Environmental Co-founder Scott Bartlett says. "Roohees's vast professional experience, especially from her time at Blue Chip ESGR, is expected to make a big difference in the company's efforts to reach its aggressive growth goals and provide excellent customer service."

As a newly appointed Director and shareholder, Roohee will be responsible for managing the company's operations, with a focus on lowering emissions from fuel use, flare operations, and venting procedures in the industry. Through a coordinated effort incorporating Blue Chip ESGR, the primary purpose is to minimize carbon emissions across North America while guaranteeing regulatory compliance. The team benefits greatly from Roohee's broad professional experience in analytical roles, quality assurance positions, and environmental emissions sectors. She is a well-known environmental figure, noted for her steadfast commitment to excellence.

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