Darry Ring Become the World's Number One Engagement Ring Brand

PARIS , Aug. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Frost & Sullivan has awarded Darry Ring the Market Leadership Confirmation Certificate for “Global Number One Engagement Ring Brand,” “Global Number One Diamond Ring Brand,” and “Three Consecutive Years as the Global Number One in Engagement Ring Sales” in recognition of this achievement.According to renowned global market research firm Frost & Sullivan, in 2022, Darry Ring's engagement ring business generated a revenue of 2.902 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 80% of the total revenue. Another significant portion of their business is wedding bands, with an annual revenue of 714 million yuan. From 2020 to 2022, Darry Ring has been the number one global engagement ring brand . 


In recent years, with the trend towards personalization and customization, consumers have become more diverse in their choices of diamond rings. Darry Ring, renowned for its romantic rule of “DR Diamond Ring That You Can Only Buy Once” has gained immense popularity among today's young people.

The global president of Darry Ring, Tony Zhang, said Darry Ring’s long-term commitment to brand philosophy, product design, and quality has continuously met the global consumers' demands for expressing true love, leading to its position as the world’s top engagement ring brand.

Unlike other diamond ring brands, Darry Ring was born out of love with the aim of allowing more people to experience a beautiful love story. It adheres to the concept of true love, believing that people should carefully choose their partners in love, firmly commit to each other as the only one, and cherish them for a lifetime. Therefore, since its inception, Darry Ring has established a globally unified romantic rule: a man can only customize one DR engagement ring in his lifetime. This unique brand rule requires every buyer to undergo identity verification to ensure that from the engagement ring onwards, all of Darry Ring's creations (such as wedding bands, jewelry accessories, anniversary gifts, etc.) are exclusively meant for one person, continuously meeting the consumer's lifelong need for expressing true love. Because of this, Darry Ring is also known as the “ID Verification Ring”, symbolizing the determination and commitment to “love one person for a lifetime”.


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