Lottery USA Announces Launch of New Accounts With Exciting Cash Giveaway

To Mark the Launch of New Player Features, Lottery USA Announces a Free Cash Giveaway

LONDON, Aug. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The USA’s leading independent lottery site, Lottery USA (LUSA), introduces the arrival of their newest feature—customizable accounts.

To help commemorate Lottery USA’s launch of free personalized accounts, users will have an opportunity to win upwards of $3,000 in cash giveaways. No purchase required, players need to visit, where they will sign-up for a free account and visit their account Dashboard to learn how to enter the cash giveaway.

In registering for a personalized account, users of Lottery USA will be able to develop a unique, interactive experience with the trusted website. Unlocking the key, a full array of rewarding benefits, Lottery USA account registrants will gain: access to cutting-edge lottery tools; fun, community forums; numerical selection options based upon saved, personalized lucky numbers; predictive patterns based upon past draws; astrologically-derived number picks; and much, much more.

On the launch, Lottery USA Editor William Taylor states, “We are incredibly pleased to present an ever-growing source of information, data and possibilities to players so that they have the tools and knowledge they need to successfully engage with the their favorite lottery games—whether that is in their play of the multistate games, daily draws or, simply, as a reference point to better understand the games, as a whole.”

About Lottery USA

Established in 1995, Lottery USA provides users with a broad spectrum of lottery-centric offerings, everything from news updates on winnings and new game arrivals to drawing trackers, random number generators, and lively, informative community forums.

Covering all 45 U.S.-based state lotteries, plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, Lottery USA provides near real-time updates on the more than 270 lottery drawings occurring in the U.S. on a weekly basis. A trusted global source for all things lottery, Lottery USA delivers near real-time updates on results, new game introductions, sizable prize draws and winners’ identities (where/when such information is available).

The folks behind the scenes at Lottery USA take great pride in the accuracy and speed of their published lottery results. With such value-added, lottery-related resources as: FAQ’s pertaining to state-specific rules of play, drawing schedules, claiming procedures, results archive, game winning odds, and numerological, lottery-based predictions, Lottery USA is able to help users maximize their lottery play time.

About the Online Lottery Market

The Global Online Lottery Market Report and Forecast (GOLMRF) 2022-2027 reported that the US lottery/gaming industry, with a global reach, is said to be worth more than $2.3 billion dollars and, within the next four years, that figure is predicted to grow by more than $195 billion.

Lottery USA website may be accessed at Account registration is free for users and winners of prize giveaways will be selected on a random, rolling basis. For more information/press materials please contact William Taylor, email:

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