Announces the Listing of Centurion Invest <$CIX>

Singapore, Aug. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 1. What is the project, and what problem does it solve?

Centurion Invest is a global ecosystem with regulated licenses and operations in Europe (Lithuania and Estonia) and offices in Middle East, Africa, Canada, Southeast Asia and LATAM. At Centurion Invest, the core mission is to empower financial freedom leveraging mass adoption of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain. The Fintech Platform is an ecosystem bridging Fiat to Crypto and offering unlimited range of services and financial solutions : CI Exchange(Crypto Trading platform), CIX Crypto VISA Card, CI360 (Entreprise Payments Solution), CI Pay(Seamless Peer to Peer Payment solution).

2. What are the utilities of CIX token?

The Centurion Invest’s ecosystem is powered by $CIX, a deflationary ERC20 token. When you use $CIX, you’ll enjoy various perks such as loyalty rewards, referral bonuses, airdrops, staking rewards (APR upto 80%), trading fee reductions( up to 25%), priority Launchpad access, cash backs through the CIX Card, merchant rebates, and Visa crypto global card.

3. What parts does the project ecosystem include?

The Centurion Invest ecosystem consists of a vast catalog of products.

CI Exchange – Trade anywhere anytime,
CIX Global Crypto VISA Card – Inclusive & borderless solution,
CI360 – Grow your payment acceptance through blockchain technology,
CI Academy – Learn the Basics of Blockchain,
CI Labs – Bootstrap, Incubate, accelerate your Project,
CI Earn – Generate Passive income with Daily payout,
CI Pay – Send, receive, pay & get paid Instantly around the world,
CI Magnet – Monetize your Network & Become a Digital asset specialist,
CIX Token – Utility payment token at the heart of the ecosystem.

4. The token economics (distribution):

TOKEN TOTAL SUPPLY:  2,400,000,000 CIX
Decimals: 18

Token Distribution:
20% Founder
6% Board Members
6% Management Team
4% Employees
1% Airdrops
1% Users Inventive & Loyalty
4,75% Reserve
6,25% Bonus Reserve
8% First Phase: Pre sale (October)
10% Second Phase: Private sale (Nov-Dec)
18% Third Phase: Public sale (25/05/22 – 31/08/22)
15% Ecosystem

5. Project Development Roadmap

The Centurion Invest project is constantly evolving, with a roadmap that includes expanding operations across various regions worldwide, including the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Canada, Southeast Asia, and LATAM. The project is backed by NYC renowned VC GEM Digital, aiming to continue improving its ecosystem and offerings, such as launching new products, improving existing services, and expanding its partnerships with leading players in the industry.

Centurion Invest Token (CIX) Overview

Token Name: CIX
Total Supply: 2,400,000,000
Token Type: ERC-20 Listing

Trading Pair: CIX/USDT

Trade Time: April 17th

Withdrawal Time: April 17th 

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