AeroClave Decontamination Technology Reduces Fire Department Sick Leave by 34%

Winter Park Fire Department sees a significant and consistent reduction in overtime costs and a healthier staff after implementing new tool in daily cleaning regimen

WINTER PARK, Fla., Aug. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading decontamination technology company AeroClave today announces new findings from Florida’s Winter Park Fire Rescue Department highlighting a significant drop in sick leave over 14 years of consistent decontamination system usage inside fire stations and apparatus. AeroClave is holding demonstrations of its portable decontamination device at Fire-Rescue International from August 16 through August 18, 2023.

AeroClave first connected with Winter Park FD in 2009 to incorporate its technology in their routine station and apparatus cleaning procedure to reduce the personal and fiscal impact caused by infectious disease. A 2011 IAFF Death and Injury Survey reports that one out of every 50 firefighters is exposed to a communicable disease annually, routinely hampering a department’s ability to protect its jurisdiction. A retrospective analysis from Winter Park FD found a 34% reduction in overtime usage since the inception of its AeroClave program over 14 years, reducing overall budgetary costs and improving department health overall.

“The invisible threat of infectious disease often poses a more immediate danger to a department’s safety than typical fire events,” said Chief White of Winter Park Fire Department. “Our crew finds it easy to incorporate AeroClave’s technology into our daily cleaning routine, and they take great comfort in the fact that they are doing everything possible to break the chain of disease transmission for their colleagues and families.”

The proprietary AeroClave cleaning process utilizes an EPA-approved disinfectant to decontaminate rooms and equipment for spaces up to 5,000 cubic feet in under 30 minutes. The company’s signature RDS 3110 and ADS systems utilize Vital Oxide, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant that performs against a variety of bacteria, yeasts, viruses, fungi, spores, molds, mildews, and other microbes, without damaging nearby equipment. The AeroClave process provides consistent, reliable delivery of the environmentally friendly disinfectant solution to quickly clean any given location and effectively reduce the risk of airborne illnesses.

“In a world constantly threatened by infectious disease, a manually-operated cleaning process is often prone to human error from even the most health-conscious individual,” said Ronald Brown, M.D., CEO of AeroClave. “Since day one, our company’s goal has been to create a cost-effective, fast and easy-to-operate tool that reduces this risk for first responders, and we’re pleased to see Winter Park FD thrive with this technology.”

Visit Booth 3010 at Fire-Rescue International Conference 2023 to see a live demonstration of the RDS 3110. To learn more about AeroClave and its technology, please visit

About AeroClave
AeroClave, LLC. was founded in 2003 to develop, manufacture and selling a system capable of decontaminating commercial and military aircraft from pandemic-producing viruses and other disease-causing pathogens. The AeroClave System has evolved into multiple decontamination products, both portable and fixed room units, that are easy to operate and will limit the spread of infectious disease. To learn more about AeroClave and its use cases for first responders, hospitals, aircraft, facilities and more, head to


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