Ascent Cloud Announces the Summer 2023 Release of its Sales Performance Management Solutions

Ascent Cloud customers will be able to plan, execute, and grow more effectively with these enhancements

DETROIT, Aug. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ascent Cloud has announced the Summer 2023 Release of its industry-leading Sales Performance Management solutions, which includes Territory Planner, Geopointe, and LevelEleven.

Territory Planner customers are now able to intelligently optimize their territories on a global scale with the Territory Optimizer now supporting many more countries around the world. Additionally, Territory Planner users can now plan more effectively with People Data Layers that show where their team members are located relative to their territories, Gain/Loss Comparisons that show how a change will impact a territory, and the enhanced Shape Editor which makes it easier to modify territories on the fly.

Geopointe customers will be able to create Geopointe Lists, which empower teams to quickly share lists of target records (e.g. Accounts, Contacts, Leads) and collaborate with other team members inside of Geopointe. Geopointe users will also benefit from a variety of Calendar-Based Scheduling enhancements, including the ability to schedule recurring events and add multiple attendees to events. Field teams can then execute on these planned visits with multiple customer-driven enhancements to the mobile experience.

LevelEleven customers will have a brand new way to motivate their teams with Competitions. This new gamification experience allows managers to quickly set up a competition while participants of the competition receive points as they complete the pre-defined behaviors to help the company grow. Additionally, LevelEleven customers now have a more streamlined user experience with the new LevelEleven tab, which consolidates all LevelEleven capabilities in one place including the new Competitions enhancement.

For more information on the latest updates, view the Ascent Cloud Summer 2023 Release blog.

Comments on the News

“We are excited to provide our customers with updates to our end-to-end suite of sales performance management solutions,” said David Leinweber, CEO of Ascent Cloud. “These enhancements enable our customers to increase productivity and do more with less, which is more important than ever in 2023.”

About Ascent Cloud

Ascent Cloud helps companies Plan, Execute, and Grow with its industry-leading sales performance management solutions. Plan and optimize your territories with territory planning. Execute your go-to-market strategy with geolocation. Grow your team members with gamification and coaching.

Territory Planner is a territory planning solution that empowers modern sales teams with the ability to build, balance, and optimize their sales territories. With Territory Planner, sales leaders are able to ensure that territories are equitable and optimized to fit their go-to-market strategy.

Geopointe is a geolocation solution that location-enables CRM data to help companies geographically visualize accounts, opportunities, and other critical business information. With Geopointe, sales teams are able to efficiently execute with territory management, routing, and geoanalytics.

LevelEleven is a gamification and coaching solution that helps companies drive the behaviors that lead to sales and customer retention. With LevelEleven, sales leaders are able to motivate, engage, and coach their teams to better outcomes.

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