LIVE WEBINAR: ESG Portfolio Management: Optimizing Opportunities & Performance Aug-15 2023

Join Private equity and institutional investors, portfolio managers, ESG and CSR industry professional on developments, roadblocks and upside in ESG Portfolio Management.

NEW YORK, Aug. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via ESG News) BPM, one of the top 35 largest public accounting and advisory firms in the country, in cooperation with Archer Global ESG Solutions are hosting a dynamic conversation on the topic “ESG Portfolio Management: Optimizing Opportunities & Performance”

The Message: ESG factors significantly impact a company's long-term financial performance, and strong ESG practices can mitigate risks and maximize opportunities, while weak practices expose firms to reputational and regulatory risks affecting their financial success. 

Join: Private equity and institutional investors, portfolio managers and other qualified investors complimentary webinar on developments, roadblocks and upside in ESG Portfolio Management.

Webinar Details 
Date: Aug-15 2023 
Time: 2:00pm EST
Hosted by: BPM and Archer Global ESG Solutions
Speakers: Tahmina Day, Archer Global ESG Solutions Lead; Terry Hill, Partner, BPM; and Ben Zhang, Managing Director, BPM
Coverage: view more coverage of the event at ESG News 

About this talk
More investment portfolio managers are recognizing that ESG factors can have a material impact on a company’s long-term financial performance. Companies with strong ESG practices may be better positioned to manage risks and capitalize on opportunities, while those with weak ESG practices may face reputational and regulatory risks that could negatively impact financial performance. Institutional investors are also under increasing pressure from stakeholders to consider ESG factors in investment decisions. As a result, measuring and managing companies’ ESG practices and performance has become an important consideration and essential component of portfolio managers’ fiduciary responsibilities. However, implementing this strategy is a considerable undertaking, with significant challenges including alignment of ESG priorities, tedious manual data collection processes, and insufficient analytics and insights into ESG performance. We invite you to join Archer and BPM for this webinar to learn about: Current developments, roadblocks, and upside potential of ESG portfolio management.

  • Optimal approach for portfolio management companies to build and sustain an ESG program
  • How Archer can enhance ESG performance management and reporting practices for optimized management decision-making


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