Historic Emerging Tech BREATHE! Convention Coming to Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via Web3MediaWire --
BREATHE! Convention (“BREATHE!”), produced by the world-renowned producer of experiences, live and digital, B2B events and B2C engagements, 5AM Global, is scheduled for September 13-15th, at The Expo @ World Market Center Las Vegas.

BREATHE! is connecting the growing Web3, Blockchain, and AI landscape by fostering deep networking opportunities between enthusiastic beginners, members of niche communities and key business decision-makers across a variety of associated industries, including blockchain, metaverse, DeFi and AI. In a historic first, BREATHE! is the only emerging tech convention approved by The Expo @ World Market Center Las Vegas to heavily focus on mass adoption for the future of work, finance, art, and more.

Strategically located, the convention is leveraging the city’s fast-rising role as a center of global technological leadership. Las Vegas is instrumental in shaping the emerging tech landscape and is providing attendees a truly invaluable alternative networking hub for both in-person events and access to the latest advancements in metaverse, defi, virtual reality technology and more.

The event is especially well timed given the exponential growth trajectory in the sector and is designed to unlock revenue-generation capacities, transform business strategy, enable fresh use cases and drive rapid innovation among companies and brands.

An anticipated 5000+ attendees are expected to participate in the three-day event and embark on a journey of discovery into the implications of this generational technology.

Of the total expected attendees, 34% were initially estimated as subject matter experts, 13% thought leaders, 8% influencers and 17% involved with emerging tech in a professional capacity, though involvement from professionals from all walks of life continues to grow.

Newcomers to the emerging tech space are expected to make up nearly half of the total attendees. They will greatly benefit from the experience and diversity of fellow attendees as well as access to the latest tools and expert guidance.

Attendees will absorb cutting-edge insights from illustrious thought leaders, delve into the latest technological breakthroughs and share key best practices throughout the spectrum of emerging tech and high-powered business growth.

Founders and C-level leaders are expected to make up a significant portion of the attendance, presenting a truly unique opportunity for accelerated learning and business growth.

BREATHE! will host 200+ brands, 150+ media collaborators and 100+ exhibitors, while stimulating meaningful conversations and propelling mass adoption of emerging tech forward.

The conference is designed along a highly effective triple-pronged approach which promotes world-class educational opportunities; experiential learning by interacting with the latest technological advancements such as wallets and peer-to-peer transactions; and fun-filled activities spanning across emerging tech-enabled gaming, music, art and video-enabled entertainment.

The event will host 80+ speakers in a variety of highly engaging, information-packed sessions with industry leaders, including Alex Rozman, SVP, Global Head of Compliance at Polygon; Crimsonclad, Operations at Hive Blockchain; Dan Nuñez Cohen, VP, Policy and Regulatory Affairs at Crypto.com; and Lori Rodriguez, President of Women in Tech US and Author of Hidden Lives of Women in STEM.

The state-of-the-art exhibition hall offers established companies and emerging brands a prime opportunity to showcase their latest products and services, widen their potential customer base and supercharge marketing efforts. Attendees will experience trading and exchange innovations, crypto payment solutions, marketing analysis tools, gaming application software and much more.

BREATHE! Convention is precisely designed to optimize business efficiency, promote deeper collaboration among attendees and foster a sustainable expansion of the emerging tech space. The unique conference is a must-attend event and primed for active relationship-building through numerous networking opportunities with key decision-makers and industry veterans.

Registering for early access tickets BREATHE! Convention is available directly at  https://tickets.breatheconvention.com/

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