iManage Announces iManage AI, a Powerful New AI Engine to Transform Knowledge Search Across its Platform

iManage AI Solutions deliver new platform capabilities to enable customers to improve productivity and mitigate risk

CHICAGO, Aug. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- iManage, the company dedicated to Making Knowledge WorkTM, today introduced iManage AI, a powerful new AI engine built natively into its knowledge work cloud platform. iManage AI builds on iManage’s deep experience in artificial intelligence technologies to enable customers to improve end user productivity, drive additional value from knowledge assets, and protect data against security risks.

The core of the new iManage AI solution is a document classification and enrichment engine that dramatically improves knowledge search and content workflows on the iManage platform. iManage AI builds on models trained on tens of thousands of legal-specific documents to automatically analyze documents and extract key data points, such as Jurisdiction, Parties, or Dates, then save that information with the document. As a result, users are able to pinpoint very specific pieces of information and apply them to their work processes to be more productive and efficient.

An Trotter, Senior Director of Operations within the Office of General Counsel at Hearst, commented, “For a long time, our attorneys have reported difficulties with search, primarily to retrieve language that fit a particular use case, and also to find specific documents. So, we have used iManage AI to apply metadata values consistently to assist with retrieval and search. iManage AI has automated the process whereby documents in iManage Work are analyzed by the AI engine, which makes an accurate prediction on the type that each document is, applies metadata and pushes them back into the document management system so that they are searchable.”

iManage has focused their development effort on building powerful tools for curating the content that the AI engine can see, so that responses are relevant, accurate, and built on the best work product available at the organization. The AI engine is trained on high quality and purpose-built legal content to deliver the level of accuracy and reliability required for legal professionals. The solution also includes robust governance tools to specifically control the engine’s access to content, so that the risk of breaching client confidentiality is mitigated. Additionally, the AI engine only analyzes documents located in the customer’s own data resource, ensuring complete confidentiality and compliance with ethical and regulatory obligations.

“We believe that AI has tremendous potential to improve the efficiency and productivity of knowledge workers, making the work more satisfying by removing the tasks that humans find mundane and enabling them to focus on higher-value activities that are more interesting to them,” said Neil Araujo, CEO, iManage. “As stewards of our customers’ data, we firmly believe that knowledge curation and quality data sets are critical to the effective and ethical us of AI. Achieving business benefits requires the right partner, one with strong experience with AI technologies, deep understanding of the risks involved, and expertise on how to resolve them. iManage has been working with this technology for leading global customers for several years to fine tune its effectiveness across multiple applications, and we are excited to introduce these capabilities to the broader market.”

iManage is actively working with customers as part of the company’s Early Access Program to validate the results they see with generative AI, and to ensure the approach includes the right security and governance protections.

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