IGadgets and Y-Glasses collaborate on promoting the 2.0:5-in-1 rimless magnetic glasses

GARDEN GROVE, Calif., Aug. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IGadgets is pleased to announce its collaboration with Y-Glasses, the creator of the two great and unique versions of the 5in1 Y-Glasses. IGadgets has been engaged to help this original start-up market their innovative Glasses.

A timeless lightweight design with frames made of flexible titanium to ensure the consumers wear them all-day long without feeling any discomfort - glasses is an extension of your body, not a hidden problem around.

Y-Glasses applies the magnetic suction function to the glasses and is equipped with sunglasses suction tabs, night vision goggles suction tabs, 3D suction tabs, and photochromic lenses in different colours, so that it can easily switched between different scenarios. It also solves the pain point of having myopia or farsighted groups who can't directly sunglasses.

Blue light, also known as High Energy Visible (HEV), it transmits a high degree of energy which represent threat to eye health. It can be found in both natural sunlight and artificial sources such as computers, smart phones and televisions. More blue light is emitted from smart phones and tablet computers than any other light source. Each pair is made of top quality materials. High quality metal and polycarbonate lenses make Y-Glasses special and desirable. Wearing them provide a feel of comfort and provide the eyes with the much-needed focus for the day's work.

To enjoy the time under big sunlight, TAC polarized sunglasses are the best choice to make the day better. A pair of Y-glasses lenses can improve vision, reduce eyestrain and allow wears to experience true perception of colours and the beautiful world.

Night vision glasses have a Nano-brightening layer technology that softens the high-beam bulb and brightens the weak light, resulting in a superior visual impact at night. It is the ideal choice for safe night driving since it improves road clarity, reduces astigmatism, reduces glare, and can enhance light in dark situations.

The 3D blockbusters feature is definitely the best choice and ends the suffering of letting the off-size, bulky ordinary 3D lenses ruin the viewing experience. Just need to adsorb a 7g 3D glasses suction lens, and enables a more realistic sci-fi effect.

Also, for a more casual look when switching scenes, there is an option of Gradient lens, which darken in sunlight by ultraviolet and short-wave visible light, reduce light transmission rate, and increase light transmission rate indoors or in the dark, recede dark colours and restore transparency. Through the colour change to adjust the transmittance, so that the human eye to adapt to changes in environmental light, reduce visual fatigue, can effectively protect glasses.

About Y-Glasses

All of our efforts go into creating luxury eyewear that is affordable for everyone, and to do this we have implemented an innovative business model that uses top quality materials from the factory. By eliminating intermediaries, we are able to offer high-end products that are three times cheaper than store pricing and curb all the disproportionate profits that wholesalers and distributors typically take. We like to personally oversee every step of the production chain, from the model to the final product. For further information please contact:


Or visit yatllc.com or follow Y-Glasses or check the Y-Glasses campaign page here.

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