Eyeota, a Dun & Bradstreet Company, Demonstrates Superior Performance of Quality, Privacy-First Data Through IAB Tech Lab and Neutronian Recertification

In Campaign Tests, Eyeota’s Certified Data Continually Outperformed Non-Certified Data Across Multiple Performance Metrics

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Aug. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eyeota, a Dun & Bradstreet company and a global source of data for digital marketing, today announced the results of new campaigns tests as a part of its dual certification from independent data verification platform Neutronian and IAB Tech Lab. These recertifications come closely on the heels of Eyeota’s designation as the top-ranked data provider in the world for data privacy and clearly demonstrate that certified data performs better for marketers across several metrics.

Eyeota’s achievement of these certifications demonstrates the objective value that Neutronian and IAB Tech Lab have recognized in the company’s data quality, transparency, and collection procedures.

Beyond meeting and exceeding the data privacy and quality standards for these certifications, Eyeota participated in a series of campaign tests facilitated by Neutronian to test the company’s certified high-quality data against non-certified data. In collaboration with programmatic solutions provider Causal IQ, Eyeota’s campaign testing demonstrated that its certified privacy-first data outperforms non-certified data across several performance metrics. Eyeota segments delivered an 86% video completion rate in the travel category vs. 76% for non-certified segments. In the B2B telco space, Eyeota segments delivered a $.55 CPA vs. $5.00 for non-certified segments.

“Particularly in times of economic uncertainty, the importance of data quality and knowing that your data investments can deliver results cannot be understated. Performance is the main driver of data decision-making, and testing data regularly and rigorously is essential to achieving excellence,” said Kristina Prokop, General Manager of Audience Solutions at Dun & Bradstreet and co-founder of Eyeota. “Following our ranking as the number one provider in the world for data privacy, we’re proud to have our data acknowledged as high-quality and high-performance, no matter the industry – for business-to-business or consumer brands.”

"Eyeota sees incredible value in independent data verification and working with leading industry players to certify that our data adheres to the quality, transparency, and collection standard that we claim,” said Trent Lloyd, Head of APAC at Eyeota. “But it's not enough to demonstrate that our data adheres to standards. We want to show that those standards matter -- and that they pay off where it really matters: campaign results."

The Neutronian certification and audit process is an in-depth review of a company’s data quality and privacy practices that explores consent and compliance, sourcing transparency, dataset characteristics, methodology, processing, and performance.

“To receive Neutronian certification, data providers like Eyeota are evaluated holistically and across the entire data cycle, starting with the original point of data collection and sourcing through to performance,” said Lisa Abousaleh, CEO and Founder of Neutronian. “This requires a level of transparency that is not always commonplace in the marketing ecosystem. Eyeota continues to set the standard for best data privacy and quality practices, ensuring that their customers have the best data to deliver against their desired KPIs.”

About Dun & Bradstreet
Dun & Bradstreet, is a leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics, enables companies around the world to improve their business performance. Eyeota, a Dun & Bradstreet company, is the trusted global provider of audience solutions for digital marketing and ranked by Neutronian as 2023’s world leader in global data privacy. Brands and advertisers leverage Eyeota audience solutions to enrich insights, enhance personalization, and transform omnichannel targeting. Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Cloud fuels solutions and delivers insights that empower customers to accelerate revenue, lower cost, mitigate risk, and transform their businesses. Since 1841, companies of every size have relied on Dun & Bradstreet to help them manage risk and reveal opportunity.

For more information, please visit http://www.eyeota.com

About Neutronian
Neutronian is a SaaS company providing the most comprehensive approach to data privacy and quality verification. Using a standard evaluation framework, Neutronian produces independent data privacy “credit scores” and in-depth data quality certification. These solutions provide marketers with the transparency they need to confirm that their data and inventory partners are privacy compliant and ensure that their campaigns are running in privacy safe environments. High quality, privacy compliant data providers that work with Neutronian to improve their data privacy scores or achieve certification can be rewarded via faster sales cycles and increased customer trust. For more information, please visit neutronian.com.


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