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Singapore, Aug. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NOMAD Caviar Singapore is committed to delivering only caviar sourced from the most sustainable farms to its customers. This is to make sure wildlife and the environment are not negatively affected. Not only has the company made caviar more accessible to customers in Singapore but it also ensures that it doesn’t contribute to endangerment of the sturgeon species. For more information visit

Originally established in Hong Kong, NOMAD Caviar prides itself as the “next-generation caviar supplier”. The company procures the finest sturgeon eggs from sustainable farms throughout China and provides them to its clientele across Singapore, Hong Kong, and beyond at exceptionally competitive prices.

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The brainchild of Jason Cohen, the company's inception was sparked by his desire to cater to friends and family he hosted at his residence in Hong Kong during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the lockdowns persisted, Cohen found himself placing larger and larger orders, which led him to realise the exorbitant cost of caviar found on traditional store shelves.

Cohen recounts, "I opted to eliminate intermediaries and established a direct connection with the farms. Eventually, farm proprietors took notice of my substantial orders and extended special pricing. Simultaneously, I recognised an unmet demand in the market. What began as personal caviar deliveries swiftly transformed into a fully-fledged entrepreneurial venture. Today, I'm channelling the advantages of the relationships I've cultivated with premier sturgeon farms across mainland China to cater to caviar enthusiasts in Singapore and Hong Kong."

Caviar has gained the reputation of being a very expensive food item and is therefore eaten in very small quantities and usually only by the wealthy. Jason Cohen explains, “Sturgeons are a highly endangered species, being caught in the wild by the start of the 1900s, to World War II, all the way to the early 90’s for its ever more valuable caviar. This is the first indicator of the generally high price set for caviar.”

As previously announced, with sturgeon aquaculture, sturgeons no longer have to be caught in the wild in order to get their eggs for caviar. This contributed to the lowering of the cost of caviar and allowed the industry to become sustainable. Still, sturgeon farming is an expensive process. Jason Cohen says, “Unfortunately, the time and labour in raising and manufacturing farmed sturgeons are also one of the reasons it maintains its status as a luxury food with a price tag to match.”

Furthermore, the demand for caviar has been on the rise because of its rarity, flavour, and newly-discussed health advantages. The result is that supply has always been trying to catch up with demand, and this is causing the price of caviar to increase further. While the pandemic had dampened demand, this was only temporary and the demand for caviar is once more on the rise. The industry is expected to grow exponentially, which tends to keep the price of caviar high.

NOMAD Caviar had to think of a way to further reduce caviar prices to make it accessible to more people. They thought of cutting out the middlemen by sourcing the caviar they offer to consumers directly from the most sustainable farms. It turned out to be the key to their goal of providing accessible caviar to their consumers.

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