Labor Day Sale 2023: Glasses Under $10 From Lensmart

Under $10 for a pair of glasses, Lensmart's Labor Day sale helps customers save money while also enjoy clear vision.

New York, Aug. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For some, ordering glasses online used to be something like a last resort, a way to pick up a budget pair or just to try something new without breaking their bank. Labor Day is right around the corner. It's the time to take a rest, and soon one will be able to upgrade their wardrobes in time for fall weather. To make outfits shine, glasses are one of the most important accessories for many people. Right now, with up to 70% off, glasses brand Lensmart launches its Labor Day sale and offers a wide variety of glasses for every individual, and some products even with prices at under $10.

Whether one is in need of a new pair of vintage reading glasses or is ready to turn the old prescription glasses into a bold and cool one, Lensmart likely has the pair just for every customer. The Labor Day sale includes various types of glasses, stylish sunglasses, and more related products in the brand's Labor Day sale page. By the way, each order will receive a free glasses pouch during the campaign.

Glasses in Labor Day Sale

Buying prescription glasses online is getting more and more easier today. Online glasses brand Lensmart offers significantly more affordable prices than usual in campaigns. With the coming Labor Day, the brand is running Labor Day glasses sale now. There are more than 100 items to choose from glasses in the sale. So, if one is looking for getting the next pair of spectacles online, now is the ideal chance to find a good set for the new season.

Price is not the only factor to consider when choosing glasses. Styles, designs, and trends are also necessary. This fall season really likes bold styles. Frames with luxurious lure hit the fashion trends now for both women and men. Many are into chunky frames with red, black, brown colors, which represent the impression of autumn.

Oversized frames in bold aesthetics and wonderful colors are another trend to expect. Available in various styles and sizes, oversized glasses provide impressive appearance and cool style for everyone. Big frames could give everyone ultra-modern look and grab a lot of attention because they go well with many face shapes, especially long faces.

In the fall season, retro style is also popular. Round frames in classic colors and patterns, such as black, brown, cream-white, and tortoise shell, is on the rise now. Just like Nevaeh round glasses, vintage tortoise shell pattern and round lens create a brand new style to attract attention. With the vintage vibe, the timeless retro frames look always cool in many glasses designs. Besides, round glasses can perfectly balance any sharp and edgy angles of the faces, so they're often preferred for square, triangle, and heart-shaped faces. People with soft facial features can also wear this style to stand out.

Cool Sunglasses for Fall

This sale is also an opportune time to get ready for cool, crisp days ahead. While the sun may not be as warm as it was in July, it does continue to emit damaging UV rays all year round. Sun glare is also strong during the autumn due to the sun's lower position in the sky. The glare can be so intense at times that may cause temporary blindness, making driving and walking dangerous.

As all mentioned above, a pair of sunglasses with fully protective functions is essential for many people, especially those with sensitive eyes or skin. That's why UV protective sunglasses, sunglasses with polarized lenses, and wraparound sunglasses are popular in autumn. These types of sunglasses can shield the eyes from UV rays, glare, and cool air, reducing irritation and improving vision clarity.

Similar to the eyeglasses trends for autumn, sunglasses trends have few differences. Oversized frames do make a real comeback. These statement frames covering the full eye range can always show off your personality. Combine this trend with other styles like thick frames or bold colors can give off a retro vibe that can elevate any outfit to a brand new level. Like one of the best sellers Kathi sunglasses, such gradient shades bring a nostalgic and elegant vibe to one's overall look.

This is the day of labor, and this is also the day for all people. By offering an expansive range of glasses, Lensmart gives every customer unique and personalized shopping experience to find the best pair.

About Lensmart

Lensmart is a glasses brand striving to provide glasses on trend for customers online. Started with the aim of offering convenient experience of purchasing glasses online, the brand enjoys a wide variety of prescription glasses and sunglasses to suit individuals’ unique needs and gives customers personalized shopping experience.

Under the three commitment of Lensmart (What you see is what you get; Comfort with ergonomic designs; Flex with a style), the brand is not just to sell a pair of glasses but to add value and meaning to shopping experience. With its virtual Try-On tool and 365-day warranty covering clear defects in material and workmanship, customers are enable to enjoy the purchasing without worry.

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