Agorapulse Unleashes Social Trends

This free tool is how leading brands drive growth—by identifying opportunities and building data-driven strategies.

Paris, France, Aug. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Agorapulse, an award-winning social media management software provider, unveils its groundbreaking tool, Social Trends. This powerful free resource provides insights into the hottest trends across all social platforms.With audiences and algorithms in flux, brands need help to stay relevant and effectively target audiences. Social Trends analyzes data from thousands of posts published by the social media management tool Agorapulse. Marketers can use Social Trends’ data to craft their marketing strategy by pinpointing the essential metrics to monitor. 

The tool's features include:

  • Real-time metrics. Unveil the average engagement rate across various social networks,  domestically and globally.
  • Trend insights. Uncover monthly trends categorized by region and industry, which provides a roadmap to seize opportune moments.
  • Hot topics and hashtags. Harness the power of real-time data to seize the most frequently used hashtags and trending topics.
  • Content excellence. Identify the most engaging content across platforms to ensure your brand's messaging resonates with your audience.
  • Optimal publishing timing. Nail down the best days to publish, optimizing your reach and engagement for maximum impact.

“Brands today need to be quick, adaptive, and data-driven,” says Emeric Ernoult, CEO and co-founder of Agorapulse. “Building a digital presence is no longer about guessing games or luck. With Social Trends, you can ensure that every move you make on social media is informed, strategic, and impactful.”

Start leveraging Social Trends to unlock the full potential of your social media strategy:


Agorapulse is the world's most trusted social media management solution, used daily by over 31,000 social media managers. Agorapulse provides valuable insights that allow marketers to measure the real impact of their campaigns and prove social media ROI. 

With its powerful features, businesses can listen to what customers are saying, engage in meaningful conversations, and track results over time. As a global leader in social media management, Agorapulse sets the gold standard for businesses looking to strategically grow their brands and customer relationships. To learn more, visit


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