A New Perspective on Back-to-School: Diverse Approaches to Education in 2023

MEDICINE HAT, Alberta, Aug. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The much-anticipated return to school typically conjures images of students eagerly awaiting buses and navigating bustling hallways to reach their homerooms. It's a time of excitement, reuniting with peers and teachers, and embracing the fresh challenges of the upcoming academic year.

However, the back-to-school season isn't without challenges, particularly for certain students and families. For them, this period can be a source of anxiety and stress. For some families, each new school year marks the start of another cycle of struggles to motivate and transport their child to the school premises.

"At Hub Virtual School, we recognize the very real challenges for students who have dealt with prolonged attendance issues due to conditions like social anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, or ASD, the traditional physical school environment simply isn't the right fit," explains Nathan Gale, Principal of Hub Virtual School. The concept of returning to school has taken on a new dimension as students are welcomed back to online learning at Hub Virtual School.

“The virtual learning environment offers an alternative to conventional schooling and has proven to be a place where students are thriving. We've witnessed numerous students, each with unique needs and prior struggles in traditional brick-and-mortar settings, excel in an online learning environment,” added Gale.

Students can engage in a learning environment that meets their unique needs, in a safe and risk-free setting. In addition, through the consistent use of assistive technology, students who have traditionally encountered barriers to their learning, are more easily able to interact with grade level learning. Students who learn best with more individualized attention can access their teachers without the stigma of their peers being aware.

Some students that seek flexible and diverse learning experiences are also embracing the virtual alternative. "Some of our students are deeply involved in extracurricular activities or even family farming, requiring flexibility in their schedules; something we are readily able to provide. Moreover, we have local students enrolling in one or two virtual classes to complement their existing schedules or to explore academic subjects in this medium."

Hub Virtual School caters to students from grades 1 to 11. For further information about Hub Virtual School, please visit thehub.mhpsd.ca or reach out to: Phone: 403-526-3793 Email: thehub@sd76.ab.ca