Alias Technologies Emerges From Stealth Mode With $3M In Seed Funding and the Launch Of BeFake — An AI-Powered Social Media App

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alias Technologies is officially out of stealth mode with the launch of BeFake, an AI-driven, zero-pressure social media app that gives users the power of AI to creatively transform everyday moments with their friends. In only a few weeks since its launch, BeFake is already exploding in popularity and ranking in the App Store’s Top Free charts in the United States, the United Kingdom, and France.

BeFake offers a fun alternative to existing social media platforms and allows users to give their photos an ‘AI lift’. With BeFake, users can level up their photos with style prompts, transport themselves to curated locations, or explore their creativity with custom text prompts. “BeFake introduces AI to people in a fun and simple way. It’s the antidote to overly curated social media. Anyone, from anywhere, can now have fun with social media, and the focus is rightfully on creativity and creative expression rather than real-world appearance. Turns out, being fake is incredibly liberating,” said Kristen Garcia Dumont, co-founder and CEO of BeFake.

And it’s catching on, with BeFake spreading across high schools and college campuses, through BeFake’s campus ambassador program. “We have had such an incredibly positive response to our launch and are collaborating with students and business clubs at premier universities. That is our ideal demographic, and their excitement about BeFake makes them truly the best evangelists for the app," said co-founder and COO Tracy Lane.

Alias also officially announced that it raised a $3 million seed round led by Khosla Ventures, and joined by Next Coast Ventures, Maveron, Peter Thiel, Joe Lonsdale, and WS Investments, among others. “With BeFake growing so quickly, we are lucky to have the problem of needing to find more powerful servers to make sure our users have a seamless and fast experience in the app, so another fundraiser is definitely in sight,” said Ms. Garcia-Dumont.

Watch the official launch trailer here:
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About Alias Technologies

Alias Technologies is an applied AI company creating social media applications leveraging cutting edge generative media and multi-modal AI systems. Alias was founded by the former executive team of gaming giant Machine Zone, after MZ merged with AppLovin in 2020. Founder Kristen Garcia Dumont was the first female CEO of a major gaming company and one of only two women CEOs among Pitchbook’s 30 most valuable private companies. Garcia Dumont led the development and launch of two of the most profitable mobile social games globally, grossing in excess of $1B. Founder Tracy Lane is the former COO of MZ, where she led community, moderation, compliance, and platform partnerships.

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