Ushur launches AI Studio to democratize AI model training and management for its Customer Experience Automation platform

AI Studio further enhances the AI-powered automation capabilities of Ushur’s Customer Experience Automation platform for mission-critical workflows.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ushur, the leader in AI-powered Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA), today announced the general availability of AI Studio. This new platform addition will take AI-driven customer experience management responsibilities out of developer-exclusive workflows and make model training and management a function any persona can support.

Michael Fisher, Senior Vice President of Product at Ushur, said: “At Ushur, we recognize the complexities, and costs, of building and managing enterprise-class user experiences. AI Studio combines the rich visual interface of our process automation FlowBuilder with AI model management capabilities to deliver a truly democratizing experience for the citizen developer. Focusing specifically on training and deploying classification models in this release, we aim to deliver significant efficiencies in time to value and AI ops.”

AI Studio represents a break from traditional process automation platforms, which focus on automating repetitive manual tasks and treat AI capabilities as something separate.

“Enterprise data cleansing, model lifecycle management and simplified model serving are some of the foundational elements of modern day AIOps,” said Kashif Mahbub, Chief Marketing Officer at Ushur. “Yet they remain an afterthought for even the leading process automation platforms. With AI Studio, Ushur has put AI model training, management and deployment at the fingertips of every business process owner and at the heart of the total customer experience.”

Over 50% of Ushur’s customers are Fortune 500 companies, such as Aflac, Unum, Irish Life and Cigna, which are deploying enterprise-grade AI to target the most urgent use cases in global insurance, healthcare and financial services. To learn more about how Ushur is accelerating the model management lifecycle stages, visit

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Ushur delivers the world’s first AI-powered Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA) platform purpose-built from the ground up to intelligently automate entire customer journeys end to end. Designed to provide delightful, hyper-personalized customer experiences through rapid issue resolution and unified, omnichannel engagement, Ushur is the first-of-its-kind system of enterprise intelligence. It combines Conversational Automation and Knowledge Work Automation in a secure, no-code, cloud-native SaaS platform to digitally transform every step of the complete enterprise customer experience, from Micro-Engagements™ to entire customer journeys. Backed by leading investors including Third Point Ventures, 8VC, Aflac Ventures and Iron Pillar, Ushur’s Customer Experience Automation solutions are currently in production at some of the leading healthcare and insurance companies across the globe, including Irish Life, Aflac, Unum, Aetna and Cigna.

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