Abe Dats of Doroni Aerospace to Speak on eVTOL Innovations at Prestigious BizNow Event in Miami

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., Sept. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Doroni Aerospace, the leading innovator in sustainable transportation and urban air mobility, is proud to announce that Abe Dats, Head of Marketing and Investor Relations, will be a featured speaker at the upcoming BizNow event: "Planes, Trains, And Automobiles: Transit Oriented Development and Transportation Infrastructure." This highly anticipated event, scheduled for Thursday, September 7, 2023, will be held at the prominent Four Seasons Miami (Brickell).

Doroni Aerospace, recognized as an industry expert in the eVTOL (flying car) sector, will present its insights on the future of transportation, particularly the transformative potential of eVTOL technology, during the event. With the transportation landscape undergoing a revolution in South Florida, Doroni Aerospace's participation highlights its commitment to pioneering innovative solutions that promise to reshape the way people move and the development opportunities it presents.

As part of the event's agenda, Abe Dats will participate in a panel discussion alongside other distinguished industry leaders. The panel, titled "The Future of Transportation in South Florida: Impact on Commercial Real Estate," will delve into the pivotal role transportation plays in shaping tenant preferences when selecting commercial real estate properties, the importance of proximity to transportation hubs, and the challenges and opportunities emerging in the transportation sector.

"I am thrilled to be representing Doroni Aerospace at this prestigious event with other visionaries, developers, and investors to discuss the future of transportation," said Abe Dats, Head of Marketing and Investor Relations at Doroni Aerospace. "Doroni Aerospace is at the forefront of the eVTOL industry, and I look forward to shedding light on both our marketing strategies and our perspective of the future landscape. Attendees can expect to gain profound insights into what lies ahead."

Key event highlights include discussions on the transformative impact of the Brightline train system, the potential of eVTOL aircraft to revolutionize urban transportation, and the expansion of charging infrastructure across various property types. Doroni Aerospace's participation ensures that attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of the eVTOL industry's growth prospects and its pivotal role in the broader transportation landscape.

The event promises to be a gathering of industry experts, developers, investors, government representatives, technology enthusiasts, commercial property managers, lawyers, and more. Attendees will gain a competitive edge and deepen their understanding of the dynamic intersection of planes, trains, automobiles, and commercial real estate.

For more information about the BizNow event and to purchase tickets, please click here.

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About Doroni Aerospace:
Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Doron Merdinger, Doroni Aerospace is revolutionizing sustainable transportation with its cutting-edge electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) technology. With 25 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and managing eight-figure firms, Doron assembled a world-class engineering and technical team to deliver on his ultimate vision of democratizing the power of flight and providing consumers with an entirely new mode of mobility.

Doroni's mission is to offer a safety-centric, eco-friendly mobility option to the public, commonly referred to as 'flying cars.' By enabling people to transport themselves intuitively within urban environments and between destinations at a fraction of the time possible with traditional automobiles, Doroni aims to transform the way we travel.