Origin Rolls Out Major Updates to its B2B Financial Wellness Platform for Employees

Interactive Dashboard, Personalized Recommendations and Planner Match Give Employees Opportunity to Better Understand their Holistic Net Worth

BOSTON, Sept. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Origin, the startup reimagining financial wellness in the workplace, announced today a major upgrade to its B2B platform for employers.

Origin is an all-in-one wealth management platform that enables people to track spend and income, get expert advice, take action, and manage their money. It combines proprietary technology with Certified Financial Planners and is offered as a key benefit by employers to help their employees alleviate financial stress.

This revamp puts Origin at the forefront of innovation in the financial wellness space. Its seamless user experience and hyper-focus on Net Worth empowers its members to feel confident managing their money. While other tools double down on tracking spend and budgeting, Origin’s newly-redesigned product takes a holistic approach to personal finance.

Among the new features Origin now offers in its B2B financial wellness platform are:

  • New dashboard - Origin’s new dashboard is designed to be more interactive, engaging and to focus around holistic Net Worth. In one screen, members can easily understand money in and out plus how assets and liabilities factor into their Net Worth. On the dashboard they can:
    • Manage everything: Connect bank accounts, credit cards, investments, equity, real estate, and more to understand holistic Net Worth. 
    • Track spend: See latest transactions to gain insight into spending trends. 
    • Directly access financial planner: Easily chat or book a call with a 1:1 Origin planner for any money questions. 
    • Manage investments: View portfolio performance at-a-glance. 
    • Examine vested equity shares: For members who hold equity, they can take a quick look at vested equity value. 
    • Access to For You: Personalized money insights based on accounts connected.
  • For You - Origin members wanted actionable, money recommendations to help them reach their financial goals. Now, Origin members can understand their money better with “For You.” This new feature provides Origin members with powerful money insights based on accounts connected. Origin intelligently uses financial data to surface actionable recommendations, empowering members to make money moves.
  • Planner match - Origin redesigned its onboarding flow so that members can match with a financial planner that’s aligned to their unique priorities and goals. In its interactive onboarding, members choose the financial topics that they care about most, such as equity planning, early retirement, or home buying. Origin can then recommend financial planners with expertise in those interests, and members can select the planner of their choice. Origin is empowering its members to have the best financial planning experience possible—one that’s fully personalized to their unique financial story. 

“Origin works with hundreds of employers around the country who recognize that managing finances is the number one stress factor for their employees and are offering them an important benefit to alleviate that stress,” said Matthew Watson, CEO and Co-Founder of Origin. “We made important updates to our platform to make it more personalized, more interactive and allow users to better understand their holistic Net Worth. We’re excited to roll this out now to our user base.”

About Origin
Origin is reimagining financial wellness in the workplace, with the most comprehensive all-in-one financial planning platform. Combining proprietary technology with Certified Financial Planners, Origin is an all-in-one software based financial management platform that enables people to track spend and income, get expert advice, take action, and manage their money confidently and with ease. Origin is offered by hundreds of innovative employers including Lattice, Roku and Udemy. Learn more about Origin at useorigin.com.

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