CLS Americas Presents its TRANBERG™ System for Image-Guided Focal Laser Ablation at Focal Therapy Society 2023 Conference

Minimally Invasive, Outpatient Treatment Designed for Quick Recovery and Low Risk of Unwanted ED and UI Side Effects

WASHINGTON, Sept. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CLS Americas, a leading provider of office-based, focal laser ablation systems in the US urology market, today announced it will exhibit its TRANBERG™ Thermal Therapy System for focal laser ablation at the Focal Therapy Society Annual Meeting 2023 being held this September 7-9, 2023 in Washington, DC. The TRANBERG system is designed to work with multiple MR/US fusion image guidance systems for precise and accurate tumor ablation in a minimally invasive, outpatient setting in a urology office or clinic. The system is FDA 510(k) cleared for soft tissue ablation in a urology setting.

In the US, over one million prostate biopsies are performed every year leading to a diagnosis of prostate cancer for almost 250,000 men. Compared to other focal therapies, focal laser ablation therapy has demonstrated higher levels of precision and accuracy with lower risk of side effects, such as erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

“CLS Americas is pleased to exhibit it’s latest TRANBERG focal laser ablation system at this year’s Focal Therapy Society 2023 Conference,” stated Michael Magnani, president of CLS Americas. “In addition to our various feasibility studies, TRANBERG is now commercially available for purchase or via our Mobile Services Provider (MSP) Agreement, a bundled service offering, with consumable accessories, training, and on-site clinical and technical staff support to physicians and staff during procedures. We are excited to offer this safe, minimally invasive, outpatient treatment to urology offices and clinics.”

TRANBERG™ Thermal Therapy System
The TRANBERG Thermal Therapy System can be configured for MR/US fusion-guided procedures using real-time tissue temperature measurements for precise therapy and ablation control. It includes a desk-top mobile laser unit, innovative non-cooled laser applicators, tissue temperature probes, and procedure-specific accessories. The TRANBERG system can be deployed in either a transperineal or transrectal approach. The TRANBERG system is 510(k) cleared for soft tissue ablation, such as prostate.

About CLS Americas
Clinical Laserthermia Systems Americas Inc, based in Irvine, CA, is responsible for the sales, commercial development, operations and clinical support for the TRANBERG Thermal Therapy System and accessories for the US urology market. The powerful system provides minimally invasive, high precision, focal laser ablation using MR or MR US Fusion for image guidance and has received FDA 510 (k) clearance in the US for soft tissue ablation, such as prostate.

CLS Americas is a subsidiary of Clinical Laserthermia Systems AB (publ) headquartered in Lund, Sweden. which has subsidiaries in Germany, the US and Singapore.  For more information about CLS, please visit the Company's website:  CLS Americas Contact:  Phone: +1 (949) 504-5440, E-mail:


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