Integrity Solutions Identifies Top Banking Issues Based on New Customer Expectations


Drawing on an aggregate of its work with clients across the banking spectrum, Integrity Solutions has identified the top issues banks are facing today, as well as key strategies financial institutions need to put in place to remain competitive and build trust in this ever-changing financial landscape.

“Incidents involving banks like SVB and First Republic Bank, coupled with the emergence of new banks and the rise of digital banking, have placed many regional and community banks in a precarious position,” says Integrity Solutions CEO Mike Esterday. “As we’ve worked with a range of banking institutions navigating these challenges, one clear theme has emerged: The expectation for a personalized customer experience isn’t going away. In fact, it’s becoming one of the most important ways banks can strengthen trust and differentiate themselves.”

Integrity Solutions surveyed team members working with large financial institutions, community and regional banks, and credit unions about the key issues their clients are grappling with, in addition to the broader market trends they’re seeing. The insights they shared, combined with third-party research from organizations such as Accenture and McKinsey, point to a critical need for financial institutions to focus on building and maintaining trusted advisor relationships, as well as demonstrating integrity and relationship skills.

Among the top issues Integrity Solutions identified as key for adapting to the changing environment and strengthening trust and loyalty:

  • Prioritize creating a customer experience (CX) culture
  • Level up the omnichannel customer experience
  • Invest in the human aspects of CX
  • Increase products per household
  • Nurture small businesses
  • Attract, grow and retain talent
  • Grow the leadership pipeline
  • Create a sales culture

Esterday is also speaking at this week’s Bank Board Training Forum in Nashville, TN where he will lead a breakout session titled Creating a Customer-Focused Sales Culture. The presentation will explore how shifting mindsets about sales and customer service and targeting the right skills build the kind of customer-centric culture today’s banking customers demand from the banks they choose to do business with.

Visit the Integrity Solutions website to see a detailed discussion of these areas and how bank customer service training can pave the path to future success.

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