Shibarium and Welly Kick off Burger Franchise to Improve the Fast Food Experience with Blockchain

Italy-based fast food franchise Welly is the first Web3 business built on Shibarium, bringing greater transparency, incentives, and customer engagement to the food industry

NAPLES, ITALY, Sept. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SHIB and its Shiba Inu Ecosystem, an interconnected family of digital assets and solutions built on the Ethereum blockchain that includes popular global cryptocurrency Shiba Inu, today announced the opening of the  Italian restaurant Welly, with the backing of both the SHIB community and the Shibarium blockchain, which will help manage the restaurant’s operations, customer loyalty, and food-based incentives. The initial Web3 restaurant will operate in Naples, Italy, with additional restaurants planned for both Italy and across the rest of the world through franchising.   

Web3, via the recently launched Shibarium blockchain, will be a key component for Welly’s food operations, from customer loyalty to employee and franchise management to even food tracking and sourcing, including farm-to-table tracing. To start, the Welly menu will include burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, and fries (or patatine fritte), with additional items such as vegan and gluten-free options to come.

Welly, which previously soft-launched last year with support from the Shiba Inu token and #ShibArmy, will use Shibarium and the growing power of the #ShibArmy to help expand franchise operations across both Italy and the globe. The new Welly concept and store layout has been shaped and refined through the extensive input of the SHIB community.

“From employees to customers to the food itself, there is almost no part of the restaurant experience that couldn’t help but benefit from blockchain, especially a high-powered one like Shibarium,” said Shiba Inu Lead Developer known as Shytoshi Kusama. “We look forward to helping Welly become one of the best experiences in fast food through the ability of Shibarium to both streamline processes and incentivize every part of the fast food franchise process, connecting both franchisees and customers to the brand.”

“We live in an era where Web3 is not just a technology, but a philosophy that is reshaping how we collaborate and create. At Wellys, we see thousands of individuals from around the world joining us every day with the same passion and a common goal, demonstrating that the future belongs to decentralized collaboration," said Stefano Guglielmini, another development team member.

Focusing on facilitating high-speed transactions with minimal gas fees and transforming the user experience in the blockchain space, Shibarium is a Layer 2 blockchain built on Ethereum that utilizes the community-first and environment-friendly consensus mechanism Proof of Stake (POS). Shibarium also supports the other parts of the growing Shiba Inu Ecosystem, including the $SHIB and $LEASH tokens, SHIBOSHI NFTs, SHIB The Metaverse, the ShibaSwap DEX, and the Shiba Eternity game.

Shibarium, a world-leading ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi) cryptocurrencies has gained popularity among millions of SHIB holders worldwide. It has 3.6 million Twitter followers and is frequently ranked as the second-most searched crypto project by Google. Its ecosystem of tokens include $SHIB, $LEASH, and $BONE, plus native SHIBOSHIs NFTs. utilizes the Shib Ecosystem to power quality technologies including SHIB:The Metaverse and Shibarium, the Layer 2 blockchain providing a solid foundation, scalability, security, and innovation for a decentralized world. 

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