Mass Megawatts Announces Project Payback Within 2 Years for Large Thermal Commercial Applications

WORCESTER, Mass., Sept. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. (OTC: MMMW) announces cost reductions using our patent pending technology with solar thermal and heat recovery systems for industrial applications. The patent pending concentrated solar technology can reduce the use of conventional heat sources like natural gas and coal using thermal storage systems that are already available. One viable heat storage method is the use of natural stones as a heat storage media which are cheap and harmless to the environment.

The most important innovation toward reducing the cost of electricity is related to the unique solar concentration section that works well with our solar tracker. The Concentrated Solar innovation brings substantial cost saving improvements toward delivering solar generated electricity. The unique cost competitive solar concentration section using a low-cost material is placed onto the solar tracker platform. The low-cost material is already approved by structural engineers for buildings having an expected life of 30 years.

In recent news, Mass Megawatts introduced a new Sterling engine using the low-cost concentrator. The improved Sterling engine reduces the mechanical issues related to pistons and its applications. In the heat displacer and piston, a rectangular extension with the four walls comprising rollers avoids the need for precision and friction when the parts are moving. The cost reduction related to robust simplicity also reduces long term maintenance issues related to traditional piston technology.

A video on the home page of summarizes the previously disclosed patent pending solar tracker.

This press release contains forward-looking statements that could be affected by risks and uncertainties. Among the factors that could cause actual events to differ materially from those indicated herein are: the failure of Mass Megawatts Wind Power (MMMW), also known as Mass Megawatts Windpower, to achieve or maintain necessary zoning approvals with respect to the location of its power developments; the ability to remain competitive; to finance the marketing and sales of its electricity; general economic conditions; and other risk factors detailed in periodic reports filed by Mass Megawatts Wind Power (MMMW).