Kats Botanicals to Release its Most Powerful Enhanced Kratom Powder Yet

‘Rogue Elephant’ Kratom Powder Marks the Beginning of Kats Botanicals’ Enhanced Line of Kratom Powders

OLD HICKORY, Tenn., Sept. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kats Botanicals, a premium kratom and botanical products supplier, is releasing the first product in their upcoming line of enhanced kratom powders—Rogue Elephant Kratom Powder is the company’s most potent kratom product to date.

Rogue Elephant kratom powder is the first in Kats Botanicals’ new line of enhanced kratom powders and boasts the highest MIT content in the company’s current lineup. Kats Botanicals has blended pure kratom powder with 45% extract to bring the mitragynine level, the primary alkaloid in kratom that produces its effects, to 2%. This creates a product tailored to expert kratom consumers and those accustomed to kratom extracts. This product increases the potency of Kats Botanicals’ offerings and maintains the quality and precision loyal customers have come to expect from the company.

“We’re excited to cater to our longtime patrons and experienced kratom users with Rogue Elephant enhanced kratom powder,” said Kats Botanicals Founder and CEO Justin Kats. “This will be our highest MIT content product yet, and it’s just the beginning of Kats Botanicals’ expansion into enhanced kratom powders.”

Rogue Elephant Kratom Powder launches on September 25 and will be available exclusively online at katsbotanicals.com. It will be available in red, green, and white vein Maeng Da strains and comes in 35g and 125g bags and a 50-count capsule package with a serving size of 2.4g. Follow Kats Botanicals online, on Facebook, on Instagram, or on YouTube to access Rogue Elephant Kratom Powder the moment it drops and to stay updated about upcoming enhanced botanical products.

About Kats Botanicals:

Since 2016, Kats Botanicals has been supplying pure, potent, premium botanical supplements to health-conscious people located throughout the country.

Headquartered in Old Hickory, Tennessee, we are a passionate, driven team of people who genuinely care about the health and well-being of our customers.

Our passion for botanicals is reflected in the quality of the products we sell, how we serve our customers, and the way we work hard every day to bring positive change to the world.

Robert Pettway
VP of Marketing
Kats Botanicals