Beckley Waves Raises $3.3 Million Funding Round to Expand Safe and Legal Access To Psychedelic Therapies

Investor Interest in Care Delivery and Expanded Access Marks End of “Psychedelic Winter”

LONDON, Sept. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Beckley Waves, the first venture studio explicitly formed to build and invest in the thriving psychedelic ecosystem to advance mental health and well-being, announced today that the company had closed a $3.3 million (10% more than their target) funding round. Investors included the Joe & Sandy Samberg Foundation, Satori Neuro, Evolve Ventures and Foundation, Bridge Builders Collaborative, 1440 Foundation, Austin Hearst, Asia Agnelli, and other mission-aligned family offices. They join earlier Beckley Waves angel investors FJ Labs, Courtney & Carter Reum, Joanne Wilson, and Rosamund Pike.

“With growing public interest in the benefits of psychedelics, it is now crucially important that we work on scaling up safe and legal access to these therapeutic compounds. Beckley Waves already has an impressive track record of founding and investing in startups that are building the care-delivery infrastructure, and this new funding gives us the resources to continue this important work,” said Amanda Feilding, Founder and Director of Beckley Waves.

The new funding will enable Beckley Waves to continue building and investing in the next cohort of startups that will provide the infrastructure and services for expanding safe and legal access to psychedelic therapies worldwide. It will likewise offer resources to Beckley Waves to fund catalytic strategic investments into selected early-stage teams to support and guide them toward successful seed rounds.

“Satori Neuro is honored to support Beckley Waves’ work to build safe, legal, and scalable real-world applications for the scientific research that’s fueling the ongoing psychedelic renaissance,” said Dr. Amy Kruse, General Partner and Chief Investment Officer for Satori Neuro. "Our goal with Satori Neuro is to identify transformational companies developing breakthrough treatments and disruptive business models to address the world’s most critical mental health challenges, and we believe Beckley Waves is a critical part of that ecosystem. Satori Neuro and Beckley Waves are both resolutely committed to improving mental health and human flourishing, and that makes our work together particularly rewarding.”

Beckley Waves has already laid the foundation for future expansion, having started with pivotal companies that are critical to the success of the field. It co-founded Beckley Retreats, which is setting the standard for legal, psilocybin-based retreats in a group setting; Beckley Academy, an ed-tech company for training and preparing therapists and clinicians to work with psychedelic therapies; and The Trip Report, a newsletter and podcast that provides commentary and analysis for people who are curious, fascinated, excited, concerned, and hopeful about legal psychedelics in healthcare, spirituality, and society.

"We are continually evaluating opportunities where we think we can have an outsized impact on the emerging psychedelics field by addressing underserved needs, developing innovative solutions, and sharing learnings from across our portfolio," said Daniel Love, co-founder and partner at Beckley Waves. "With our ongoing funding momentum, we will keep the flywheel spinning and continue to allow the Beckley Ecosystem to play a catalytic role in our shared path to widespread access. We are always looking to partner with great mission aligned co-founders and talent as well as capital partners."

About Beckley Waves
Beckley Waves, a venture studio co-founded by Amanda Feilding, funds, supports, and mentors emerging leaders and entrepreneurs working to foster the operational infrastructure of a global psychedelic ecosystem. Beckley Waves is building the psychedelic ecosystem to advance mental well-being and foster a thriving psychedelic industry rooted in science, innovation, and compassion. Beckley Waves leverages research showing that psychedelics can be the tools to usher in a new paradigm of mental health and well-being that is needed by our society and the planet.

Neil Davies