ESGL Holdings Limited Secures ISCC PLUS Recertification for Plastics Waste to Sustainable Chemical Feedstock

SINGAPORE, Sept. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Environmental Solutions Group Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: ESGL) (“ESGL” or the “Company”), a sustainable waste solutions provider whose mission is to recycle industrial waste into circular products using innovative technologies and renewable energy, today announced it has secured recertification for its manufacturing site in Singapore in accordance with the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification, or ISCC PLUS, standard.

The certification process involves measuring and verifying the renewable content of the products using the mass balance methodology. This calculation-based approach tracks the flow of materials through complex supply chains, ensuring that the percentage of renewable feedstocks remains consistent from the sourcing stage to the finished product. Typically, mass balance-certified products, including those conforming to the ISCC PLUS standard, comprise a blend of renewable and non-renewable feedstocks.

The recertification, granted by internationally recognized TÜV NORD, allows ESGL to continue expanding its utilization of plastic waste feedstocks in its sustainable circular products portfolio. This, in turn, enables ESGL to offer its customers more products that contain renewable raw materials, aligning with its commitment to supply chain transparency and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction across the value chain.

Lawrence Law, Chief Sustainability and Strategy Officer at ESGL, said, “Mass-balance certification verifies that ESGL’s manufacturing site adheres to the most stringent standards of traceability, which are required to produce high-performing products such as sustainable chemical feedstock. Certification also requires a transparent chain of custody for the renewable raw materials used by the reporting company. This is essential to mitigate potential upstream supply chain risks, making ISCC PLUS certification a key tool for promoting greater supply chain transparency across the industry.”

The ISCC PLUS-certified products produced at ESGL's Singapore location include pyrolysis oil, known as NEWOIL™, which serves as a chemical feedstock material for polyolefin products and renewable plastic resins used in plastics-based materials. NEWOIL™ is made entirely from 100% certified plastic wastes and exhibits the same performance characteristics as traditional fossil-based alternatives.

“We are pleased to offer customers mass balance-certified products made with ISCC PLUS-certified raw materials and intend to capitalize on the recertification by further expanding our range of mass balance-certified pyrolysis oils made with plastics waste,” said Aleli Gayadao, Senior Process Engineer and Sustainability Manager at ESGL. “The Company’s continued accreditation under the ISCC PLUS standard underscores its continued dedication to circular economy principles, sustainability, and transparent supply chain practices in the waste management and chemical feedstock industry.

Oliver Glatow, Specialist Manager Biomass Fuels & Circular Economy, at TÜV NORD Cert GmbH: “At TÜV NORD Cert, we recognize ISCC PLUS as a leading certification system that embodies the principles of sustainability, traceability, and deforestation-free supply chains. Our continued collaboration with ESGL and other industry pioneers showcases our commitment to supporting our clients in achieving the highest standards in the circular economy. As part of TÜV NORD Cert's strategy, we remain dedicated to promoting transparent and sustainable practices, ensuring that the future of our planet is safeguarded through responsible actions today.”

About ISCC
ISCC – International Sustainability and Carbon Certification – is a certification system that offers solutions for the implementation and certification of sustainable, deforestation-free and traceable supply chains for a wide range of bio-based and circular materials. These include biomass waste and residues, non-biological renewables and recycled carbon materials. Independent third-party certification ensures compliance with high standards of ecological and social sustainability, as well as traceability, throughout the supply chain. All ISCC certificates are publicly available via the ISCC portal.


As a leading certifying body with more than 1,200 expert auditors all over the world, TÜV NORD Cert assesses and certifies the fulfilment of legal requirements and voluntary standards. TÜV NORD Cert guarantees the highest level of competence in the certification of sustainability, management systems, personnel and products. TÜV NORD Cert has been ESGL’s certification partner since 2021 when it certified compliance with the ISCC PLUS standard at ESGL’s Singapore sites.

About ESGL Holdings Limited

ESGL Holdings Limited (“ESGL”) is a holding company incorporated as an exempted company under the laws of the Cayman Islands. At the forefront of driving sustainable waste management solutions, ESGL is dedicated to revolutionizing waste transformation with an emphasis on innovative technology and a commitment to preserving the environment. ESGL conducts all its operations through its operating entity incorporated in Singapore, Environmental Solutions (Asia) Pte. Ltd. (“ESA”). For more information, including the company’s filings with the SEC, please visit


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