Glasses Brand Lensmart Launches New Campaign: Fall Sale 2023

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As September has already arrived, there is no doubt that autumn fashion collections are taking center stage with a focus on rich colors, materials, and trends. In the new season, eyewear collections are no exception, and glasses brand Lensmart has just launched its fall sale 2023, with a myriad of trending frames in the sale for customers to catch the cool season. Some frames can be got with the price down to $6.95.

Autumn Eyewear Trends
While many are still enjoying the sunshine, the fall vibe has been there for a while. The thought of the new autumn fashion to come is one of the most exciting things about the arrival of chillier months. As for fashion lovers, it's also a good time to enjoy some chic outfits. As usual, in this season, colors like gold, brown, and orange create a perfect canvas for autumn vibes. Metal frames can easily have a resonance for the autumn scenery, while acetate frames with tortoise shell patterns also add a touch of class to any fall outfit.

However, things have changed to some extent. At the time that most people intend to highlight their selves and individuality, glasses trends also go with this flow. In order to express an impressive style from eyeglasses, many would like to take inspiration from statement frames, colors, and new materials. That's why frames with bold designs, intricate details, and cool styles are favored. For instance, oversized glasses that can cover the upper part of the face are fashionable this season, for these frames will give a vintage touch and a statement.

Lensmart Fall Sale 2023
For those seeking a bolder and more stylish look, Lensmart’s collection of glasses is sure to make them stand out from the crowd in cold days. The sale features glasses discounted up to 70%. With over 50 types of glasses participating in the flash sale, some types of cheap glasses priced as low as $6.95 per pair.

At the same time, one can easily find that the brand has added a twist to the fall sale. If an order is over $29, then the customer will get a free glasses chain. Customers that spend over $65 can get free shipping, and those who spend over $99 can receive a free glasses case.

On the other hand, more important is to keep an eye on Lensmart's products. With the changing seasons, it comes a desire for fresh looks and trends. Lensmart understands this need and has created a collection of eyewear that combines aesthetic with functionality. From bold frames in vibrant hues to sleek designs in classic colors, there is always something for everyone.

Take a style of glasses for example. Minimalistic frames received acclaim from customers. Simple yet delicate design is just many people's preferences. The clean and simple design focuses on form and function without excessive decoration. Such as Amanda glasses, the simple gold frame shows a vintage while modern charm. It is such style that tends to highlight the wearer's face and personal style, providing a more natural vibe and making the wearer attractive.

As for colors or patterns often associated with autumn, tortoise shell pattern with brown and yellow colors must be mentioned. The tortoise shell pattern can always add a touch of understated elegance, and lends a classy style to any look. Just like Hye glasses with tortoise shell pattern. This frame combines minimalistic and classic style.

Lensmart's fall sale 2023 is a veritable treasure of autumn fashion. This is a perfect opportunity to update one's eyewear collection with trending styles at affordable prices. Everyone can make the most of this year’s Lensmart fall sale.


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