Bloomage Biotech CEO Ms. Zhao Yan Provides Guidance on Sustainable Development at 2023 SDG Summit Side Event

NEW YORK, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ms. Zhao Yan, president and general manager of Bloomage Biotech, shared her insights on how emerging biotechnologies can contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDG) at the Innovation for Industrial Sustainability event held in New York on Sept. 17.

The event was a sideline program of the 2023 SDG Summit jointly organized by Tsinghua University, the United Nations (UN) Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), and UN Water with support from the Sustainable Business Leaders Platform. It marked the first time that UN DESA had joined hands with Chinese institutions to convene an important side event at the SDG Summit to hold high-level discussions on topics such as sustainable consumption and production, renewable energy applications in business, and green industry practices.

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly passed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), outlining 17 goals with 169 specific targets to achieve meaningful sustainability objectives. This initiative has led to significant progress in poverty eradication, food security, renewable energy, education, healthcare and marine life protection in the past seven years. However, with rapid climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution occurring worldwide, the call to refocus sustainability targets has never been clearer and more urgent.

“To improve the quality of life and extend life expectancy, all our development must align with sustainability. Only in this way can we convey beauty and our values,” Ms. Zhao stated, emphasizing Bloomage Biotech’s ESG initiatives. “I believe that the strategies of all companies should be formulated around this shared goal.

In line with her vision, Bloomage Biotech has established an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Strategic Management Center and has integrated eco-friendly principles throughout its operations. The company's core product, hyaluronic acid, is produced using a groundbreaking microbial fermentation process, eliminating the need for animal-derived ingredients and thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Bloomage Biotech has also implemented advanced energy recycling processes at its facilities to repurpose heat generated during production for residential heating, and is actively increasing its use of clean energy, including installing photovoltaic panels on top of its factories. Much of the byproducts generated from production, sourced from materials like millet, corn, rice, and straw, can be reused in agriculture, creating a closed-loop production cycle.

In terms of social responsibilities, Bloomage Biotech follows a concept of "shared prosperity" which encompasses a threefold approach: firstly, at the corporate level, it ensures that employees and supply chain partners grow with the company; secondly, it emphasizes legal compliance and internal governance; and thirdly, it centers on leveraging core strengths to assist those in need from a social responsibility perspective.

To support employees amid the tectonic and rapid technological advancements, Bloomage Biotech offers extensive reskilling and upskilling resources to ensure its team can thrive in the future job market. Efforts include establishing the Bloomage Institute of Management to cultivate employee leadership skills and providing training on emerging technologies like AI. The Company has also designed extensive benefits and programs to support physical and mental health. Most importantly, it has invested heavily in building an equal opportunity workforce.

“Our company is upholding our social and corporate responsibilities,” said Ms. Zhao. “At Bloomage Biotech, females comprise 60% of the leadership team and 50% of our overall workforce, which is quite balanced. This is not because I am a female leader, it's because we want to provide everyone with equal opportunities for competition.”

Moreover, Bloomage Biotech actively collaborates with partners throughout the supply chain to create more sustainable technology, raw materials and branding. The Company has participated and established many philanthropic endeavors to support education, disaster relief, and cultural heritage preservation. For example, the PUBLIC WELFARE · CLOUD Campaign initiated by Bloomage Biotech is committed to discover, protect and inherit the diverse cultures in China with a special focus on women’s rights, education and childhood development. The campaign has been running for 13 consecutive years.

At the discussion, Ms. Zhao noted that another important aspect of sustainable development is informing consumers that eco-friendly choices are available to them. In addition to its advanced microbial fermentation production technique, Boomage Biotech also uses biodegradable packaging and has completely abolished animal product testing.

“Consumers born after 1995 and 2000 are typically very socially responsible and environmentally conscious; they are very willing to accept these new concepts,” said Ms. Zhao. “I believe that in terms of consumerism as a whole, this is something that government, society, businesses, and should collaborate on.”

"The Earth is our only blue planet. It's a vessel traversing through space, and we are one community, so we should strive together,” said Ms. Zhao. “Everyone should make a greater effort to coexist harmoniously with nature to pursue a better future. We must all foster stronger connections and assist one another.”

About Bloomage Biotech

Established in 2000, Bloomage Biotech is a leading global biotechnology and biomaterials company that provides high-quality life and health products for consumers. Following its commitment to “creating technology for a vibrant life,” Bloomage Biotech is dedicated to improving the quality of life, extending lifespan, and providing healthy, beautiful, and invigorating life experiences for humanity.

Zhao Yan, president and general manager of Bloomage Biotech, founded the company with her deep experience in finance, real estate, personal wellness, and other sectors. Under her leadership, Bloomage Biotech aims to leverage its resources to create a platform that promises a bright future for those in need. Over the years, Ms. Zhao Yan has garnered multiple awards, including being named in Forbes' "China's 100 Outstanding Women in Business" list in November 2022.


Joint photo of the 2023 SDG Summit Side Event  (Ms. Zhao Yan, president and general manager of Bloomage Biotech , is the third from the left).

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