PreReal™ Investments Completes Landmark Purchase

Sierra del Rio Golf Course and Turtleback Tap House & Grill Join Portfolio

Elephant Butte, NM, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sierra County's landscape is poised for an exciting transformation as PreReal™ Investments proudly announces its acquisition of both the prestigious Sierra Del Rio Golf Course and the Turtleback Tap House and Grill. This strategic move signifies PreReal™ Investments' unwavering commitment to community enrichment and revitalization.

PreReal™ Investments' commitment extends far beyond its newly hired team members. The company is dedicated to the rejuvenation of Sierra Del Rio’s key components, starting with the restoration of the bridges and grounds. In addition, PreReal™ Investments is introducing enhancements to the clubhouse, including renovated restroom facilities, a brand-new dining deck with a protective roof, newly installed window walls, and new bar designed to honor beloved local figure, Guy Wimberly.

Moreover, PreReal™ Investments proudly announces their partnership with Wadsworth, a globally renowned bunker restoration company. Mark Slugocki, Vice President of Wadsworth, shares his enthusiasm, "The opportunity to restore the bunkers is thrilling, but what's truly remarkable is the dedication David Berman and James Prendamano have shown to Sierra County. Their genuine commitment to the community's success is evident, and it's an honor to be a part of this endeavor."

"I'm overjoyed to witness Sierra Del Rio Golf Course being reconstructed to its former glory, a dream my father held dear," says Rick Phelps, son of the original course architect. "The development holds immense significance for me as it was his final project. Seeing the course at its fullest potential is truly heartwarming."

"The Sierra Del Rio Golf Course and Turtleback Tap House and Grill hold a vital place within Sierra County's tapestry," declares James Prendamano, CEO of PreReal™ Investments. "Our trajectory embodies both preservation and expansion, paying homage to the very heart of the community." As Co-CEO of PreReal™ Investments, Prendamano acknowledges, "Sierra County's leadership has been instrumental in bringing these endeavors to fruition. Their visionary collaboration has been an essential catalyst for turning these ambitious projects into thriving realities."

David Berman, Co-CEO of PreReal™ Investments, champions not only the untapped possibilities within Sierra County but also the inherent strength and ingenuity of its people. "Our decision to acquire goes beyond a mere transaction; it embodies our deep-rooted conviction in the prospects of Sierra County. Being part of this transformative endeavor is a privilege that highlights our unwavering belief in the community's potential to thrive."

This acquisition holds the promise of community-wide benefits, including job creation, increased tourism, and a boost to Sierra County's economic landscape. To that end, PreReal™ Investments is excited to introduce an exceptional team of new hires to guide the course and dining experience:

  • Jesse Thorpe, CCM, CCE, the newly appointed General Manager, states, "It's a privilege to lead Sierra Del Rio Golf Course, and I'm excited to wholeheartedly embrace this role. Our goal is to create an unparalleled experience for our members and guests to enjoy whether it’s in the dining rooms, on the golf course or in our future amenities."
  • David Gray, Golf Course Superintendent, and groundskeeper, adds, "It’s my passion driven goal to cultivate quality turf that will enhance the natural beauty of this breathtaking landscape while providing the ultimate playing experience. Sierra Del Rio is a jewel that we will polish to shine."
  • Casey Coontz, PGA, Head Golf Professional, looks forward to his role: "I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity to engage with fellow golf enthusiasts and help them enjoy the game. The possibilities for golf skill set improvement at Sierra Del Rio are limitless, and I'm genuinely excited to guide players of diverse proficiencies toward realizing their optimal performance."
  • Chris Pacheco, Executive Chef of Turtleback Tap House and Grill, seeks to create a new experience that can only be found in Sierra County: “I'm truly thrilled to bring New Mexico's culture and flavors to every dish at Turtleback Tap House and Grill. Embracing our local heritage allows us to craft a unique culinary journey that showcases the beauty and diversity of our region. Our exotic cheesecake, adorned with the subtle kick of green chilies, exemplifies how we're inviting diners to embark on an adventure of tastes they may never have experienced before, all while savoring the essence of New Mexico's culinary soul."

About PreReal Investments: PreReal™ Investments is a subsidiary of PreReal™ Prendamano Real Estate, a highly respected and sought-after New York-based real estate brokerage firm. The company is offering residential, commercial, and raw land investment opportunities throughout the Southwest - focusing its attention on the opportunities in New Mexico. PreReal™ Investments has set up its headquarters in New Mexico.

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