Associa Tips To Improve HOA Board Teamwork

DALLAS, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Associa, the community management industry’s largest company, understands that serving on a Homeowners Association (HOA) board brings many challenges that can easily disrupt teamwork and progress. When HOA leaders work well together it can boost morale, positivity, and productivity, making the job easier and more enjoyable. Here are six tips to improve trust and teamwork on your HOA board.

Establish Clear Roles and Responsibilities

Ensure that each board member understands their role and how their contributions fit into the community’s overall objectives. When every HOA officer stays on top of their individual responsibilities, it helps simplify operations while keeping the board on track. The creation of rules and expectations for board members will also hold each person accountable for completing their tasks. This helps prevent internal conflicts that derail teamwork.

Set Common Goals That Everyone Can Support

Setting shared goals that all board members can work towards is an excellent way to foster teamwork. When everyone is in agreement and working to accomplish a common goal, it often creates a greater sense of unity and support for one another, rather than members feeling isolated in their roles. Here are some goals a board might consider accomplishing together:

  • Preparing the annual budget
  • Creating a preventive maintenance plan
  • Establishing a communications policy
  • Organizing a formal complaint process for homeowners
  • Upgrading technology

Plan Team-Building Activities.

Team-building exercises strengthen relationships by forging cooperation, trust, and communication. Team members form bonds by working together to solve a problem in a fun environment. The benefits of team-building activities include developing friendships, promoting pride, and making shared memories. A successful team-building activity can form a solid foundation that sets the tone for future collaboration. Keep it quick, fun, within budget, and appropriate for your group.

Use Technology to Streamline Duties and Stay Connected

HOA technology lets board members quickly and efficiently streamline communication, assign tasks, and improve transparency. Leveraging technology also means board members can easily access governing documents, meeting minutes or agendas, and other communication records. This helps them stay on top of community priorities, budgets, and resident updates. In short, the use of technology can enhance a board’s drive and motivation, helping it be more productive.

Hire a Professional Community Management Company

It is easy for board members to get bogged down by routine daily tasks and projects. An experienced HOA management company provides assistance with mundane community duties that ease board member workload and minimize stress. Key areas in which a management company can help include overseeing operational responsibilities, facilitating dispute resolution, meeting preparation, maintenance, and billing. This allows for increased board time spent on initiatives designed to boost property values and maximize quality of life throughout the community.

Show Gratitude to Fellow Board Members.

Showing thanks to HOA board members goes a long way in building camaraderie and morale. If a colleague invests a lot of time into a particular task or accomplishes a goal, highlight their achievements, and show your appreciation and thanks. This will let fellow board members know they’re appreciated and encourage continued hard work.

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