Sift Unveils New PayPal and Adyen Integrations, Automation Capabilities for Dispute Management and Payment Protection Customers

Customers can efficiently win even more disputes through the power of a combined Sift Payment Protection and Dispute Management solution

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sift, the leader in Digital Trust & Safety, today announced new integrations and capabilities for its Dispute Management product, providing merchants with a more accurate, efficient, and effective way of managing chargebacks. The announcement was made at the Merchant Risk Council’s Santa Clara conference.

The latest Integrations with PayPal and Adyen, two of the largest payment processors globally, allow Dispute Management customers to ingest chargeback data, dynamically deliver disputes according to network requirements, confirm dispute response delivery, and view win/loss outcome updates.

By leveraging both Payment Protection and Dispute Management, Sift customers have already benefited from significantly reduced fraud rates and higher order acceptance rates.

Building on its pioneering approach to solving fraud using machine learning (ML), Sift is also introducing new ML models to Dispute Management, including access to automation capabilities that allow customers to proactively fight—and win—disputes. One of those capabilities is Response Recommendations, an ML-powered recommendations engine that identifies opportunities to optimize dispute responses, thus increasing the likelihood of winning disputes and retaining lost revenue.

“Chargebacks have become increasingly difficult to fight and win for merchants,” said Neeraj Gupta, Sift Chief Technology Officer. “With disparate rules and updates for each card network, like Visa’s Compelling Evidence 3.0 update, fraud teams need to streamline how they respond to and successfully fight disputes – and the combination of Payment Protection and Dispute Management allow them to do just that.”

"Sift Dispute Management has made it faster and easier to respond to chargebacks. Effective integration between Sift, our payment processor, and our own internal tools has improved a once labor intensive process into an efficient, automated system,” said Taylor Snyder, Manager of Risk & Compliance at online bill pay company, Doxo. “This keeps labor costs low while leveraging all available chargeback prevention tools in one platform.”

Sift Payment Protection customers interested in learning more about Dispute Management can get in touch with a Sift expert here.

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