Managing director shares NordLayer’s road to innovation

LONDON, Sept. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As businesses, governments, and individuals continue to digitize their operations, innovators are tirelessly working to develop cutting-edge solutions that safeguard network security and its access. This is where NordLayer saw an opportunity to grow from a business VPN to moving towards SSE. NordLayer’s managing director, Donatas Tamelis, reveals a series of the product’s achievements and innovations, reshaping how businesses protect their digital assets.

"Drawing upon our expert team, forward-thinking strategy, and comprehensive knowledge of cybersecurity challenges, NordLayer has evolved into a flexible solution for modern businesses," he adds.

Launched as NordVPN Teams, NordLayer started its offering with almost thirty Shared and nearly twenty Private Gateway locations around the globe. Running on three VPN protocols, the tool did a decent job protecting companies on the brink of the pandemic.

Tamelis remembers one of the biggest product releases back then: “In 2020, ThreatBlock became the biggest release of the year for the NordLayer product. Followed by tool management enhancements of single sign-on (SSO) integration with major service providers in the market, mainly Azure AD, Okta, and Google, the solution became available not only for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android but for Linux systems as well.”

Navigating through a saturated cybersecurity industry market in 2022, NordLayer focused on the ease and simplicity of complex concepts like network security. Steering in a clearer direction, we defined the company vision and mission, dedicating ourselves to stress-free cybersecurity for our customers regardless of their work setup.

Leaning towards Security Service Edge (SSE), a part of the SASE framework, network security as a service became the main strategy of NordLayer. Combined with the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) model, dedication to performance and convenience when using the tool remained at the forefront. Hence, one of the fastest and most stable protocols in the market was created – NordLynx (WireGuard).

In 2022, we focused on internet access security and network visibility as well as the realization of achieving compliance requirements. NordLayer presented Activity Monitoring and Device Posture Monitoring for advanced network security. Accompanied by DNS filtering by category and Deep Packet Inspection features, the product now offers a robust and supportive network management system.

“Our relentless pursuit of excellence in product development showcases our evolution, ensuring each feature aligns perfectly with our clients' needs," says Tamelis.

“Listening to our client’s needs in order to provide more opportunities to our customers is the way we work,” he adds. “So, in 2023, NordLayer launched a one-of-the-kind Browser Extension. By being a lightweight solution, it's an amazing option for those who work in remote locations that don't have good internet speeds. Also, browser extension lets you multitask between different server locations or secure connections on a browser level, suitable for those clients who work on devices or operating systems that do not support native apps.“

A world where cybersecurity enables all ways of working quickly became a vision that NordLayer eagerly follows today and focuses on creating in its future goals. Our product is a solution for achieving maximum security. Thus, Always On VPN was another big launch for NordLayer, dedicated to ensuring ongoing connectivity for the users so organizations can remain assured the VPN connections are always established.

NordLayer is not stopping anytime soon. Our future plans include reaching even higher levels of business network security. These plans include such major releases as updated device posture security (DPS) functionality and Cloud Firewall (FWaaS). This new soon-to-be-released feature will bring NordLayer closer to a unified SSE platform provider.


NordLayer provides flexible and easy-to-implement cybersecurity tools for businesses of any size or work model developed by the standard of NordVPN.
We help organizations secure networks in a stress-free way. NordLayer enhances internet security and modernizes network and resource access with technical improvements aligning with the best regulatory compliance standards. Helping organizations to adopt ZTNA and SWG principles, NordLayer is focused on the Security Service Edge of cybersecurity services.
Quick and easy to integrate with existing infrastructure, hardware-free, and designed with ease of scale in mind, NordLayer meets the varying growth pace and ad-hoc cybersecurity requirements of agile businesses and distributed workforces today.

Evita Anilionyte