STIMVIA Unveils Innovative Solution to Transform CNS Disorder Treatments at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- STIMVIA, a pioneer medical technology company, introduces an effective non-invasive neuromodulation treatment, URIS®, addressing deep brain structure dysfunctions linked to chronic conditions like overactive bladder. STIMVIA has made remarkable progress in the treatment of this condition. Current clinical studies demonstrate that their technology, known as URIS®, stands as one of the most efficient approaches in combating this ailment, affecting approximately 40 million individuals in the USA. STIMVIA's commitment to innovation is confirmed by its participation in TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 as part of Start-up Battlefield 200 – the most prestigious competition for start-ups.

The uniqueness of URIS® technology lies in its ability to precisely stimulate a specific nerve using new type of electrodes applied to the patient's skin, as well as delivering an electric signal directly to the patient's brain. This is something that other non-invasive methods currently cannot achieve.

"We have demonstrated the capability to non-invasively reach deep brain structures, where the origin of many chronic diseases caused by imbalanced activity in different parts of the brain arises. We can activate centres that are underactive and conversely, dampen the activity of regions showing excessive activity," explains Lukas Doskocil, CEO of STIMVIA.

Currently, STIMVIA is at the forefront of treating overactive bladder. A recent American clinical study demonstrated that more than 60% of women will experience some form of incontinence during their lifetime. Clinical studies show URIS® is highly effective, achieving results in over 90% of patients, comparable to the effectiveness of invasive sacral neuromodulation. Unlike surgery, URIS® technology is safe and minimally risky, with only 0.01% of cases reporting side effects.

With the press of a simple button, the latest version of the device URIS II autonomously calibrates optimal stimulation settings and identifies precise neural locations for treatment. Powered by advanced proprietary AI algorithms, it eliminates manual adjustments, thereby setting a new user-friendliness standard.

Over 200 patients have already received URIS® technology treatment in clinical studies. By year-end, STIMVIA is set to launch a European commercial pilot project, potentially reaching more individuals. With its unique technology, the company intends to expand globally, targeting tens of millions of patients in the coming years. This fall, STIMVIA will also initiate a pilot study to assess URIS® technology's suitability for Parkinson's disease and essential tremor patients.

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