Leading Tier1 Chinese Suppliers' Intelligent Cockpit Business Research Report 2023: Amid Localization, the Advantage of "Foreign + Local" Cooperative Market Expansion Stands Out

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New innovative intelligent cockpit products highlight multi-domain integration, multimodal interaction, and ever higher functional integration.

In response to the evolving market trends, Tier 1 suppliers such as Neusoft Group, Yuanfeng Technology, Desay SV, ThunderSoft, Joynext, PATEO CONNECT+, and ECARX have been actively involved in the development of next-generation cockpit computing platforms. They are strategically laying out products that encompass cockpit-driving integrated solutions and central computing platforms.

Over the past two years, these suppliers have closely monitored the intelligent vehicle market's trajectory. They have not only leveraged existing intelligent cockpit computing platforms like Qualcomm 8155 but have also invested in new-generation intelligent cockpit computing platform products based on high-performance chips like Qualcomm 8295 and AMD Ryzen. These products are anticipated to enter mass production in 2023.

Neusoft Group, for instance, introduced the forward-looking Neusoft C5 vehicle HMI platform in 2022 and followed it up with an upgraded version in 2023. The platform boasts a pluggable and expandable hardware architecture design, integrating one basic board, two function boards, and one expansion board through uniform interfaces.

Beyond enhancing computing power, Neusoft C5 efficiently integrates fundamental vehicle functions, gateways, body control, intelligent cockpit features, and more. The software aspect leverages service-oriented architecture (SOA) to implement a scene engine, offering immersive and personalized experiences within the vehicle entertainment system.

Furthermore, Neusoft harnesses advanced software and hardware architecture design capabilities to capitalize on the 4th-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms. This approach allows for multi-ECU and multi-domain integration, paving the way for the development of their next-generation intelligent cockpit platform.

New vehicle display technologies such as optical display, hidden display and recognizable display are applied to vehicles.

Vehicle display is the core product for cockpit visual interaction. With continuous upgrade in quantity, size and technology, new vehicle display technologies and products mushroom.

At its 2023 smart car solution conference, Huawei unveiled HUAWEI xScene, a light field screen which uses optical engine technology to enable 3-meter long-distance imaging, 40-inch ultra-large format and 90PPD super-retina-level resolution. As an effective solution to eyestrain, this screen can also effectively lessen car sickness. The launch of HUAWEI xScene brings in new possibilities to vehicle displays. Currently it has three product forms: copilot seat, seatback and headrest types. In the near future, it will be available to several production commercial vehicle models.

As concerns the integration of vehicle lighting and AR-HUD, based on its self-developed 2K automotive optical imaging module and end-to-end capabilities, Huawei pushes on with the large-scale commercial use of AR-HUD. As the primary in-car display, HUAWEI xHUD AR-HUD not only severs as an alternative to the dashboard but also outperforms it. Huawei proposes more innovative applications such as intelligent driving visualization, lane-level navigation, reversing camera, digital elf, and giant screen viewing.

Amid localization, the advantage of "foreign + local" cooperative market expansion stands out.

In recent years, China's intelligent vehicle market has boomed. The Chinese market has become a global 'wind vane' in both technological innovation and consumption. Both local Tier 1 suppliers and foreign companies are working to making localized layout.

Layout of localized solutions and services has become the top priority for foreign Tier 1 giants. In addition to their own Chinese teams, deploying together with China's local companies is a new way for them to make a market expansion. Typical collaborations include Bosch + Autolink, Bosch + WeRide, Continental + Motovis, and ZF + Neusoft Reach. In the context of ever faster update on hardware and functions, the cooperation between foreign Tier 1 suppliers and China's local technology companies enables a quick response to the changes in the Chinese market, and more localized services are provided to meet the needs of OEMs for innovative and diversified products.

For example, Bosch joined hands with Autolink to deploy China's intelligent cockpit market. In April 2023, they jointly announced the new-generation intelligent cockpit 4.0 which creatively integrates in-cabin intelligence, vehicle services and related ecosystems into one middleware, a disruptive cockpit development mode. The solution allows for efficient customization by different automakers to build personalized brands.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Cockpit Business of Neusoft Group
1.1 Operation of Neusoft Group
1.2 Cockpit Domain Controller Business of Neusoft Group
1.3 IVI Business of Neusoft Group
1.4 Navigation Business of Neusoft Group
1.5 Vehicle Communication Business of Neusoft Group
1.6 Cyber an Information Security Business of Neusoft Group
1.7 Summary on Intelligent Cockpit Business of Neusoft Group

2 Cockpit Business of Yuanfeng Technology
2.1 Operation of Yuanfeng Technology
2.2 Cockpit-driving Integration Business of Yuanfeng Technology
2.3 Digital Key Business of Yuanfeng Technology
2.4 Camera Monitor System (CMS) Business of Yuanfeng Technology
2.5 Automated Parking Business of Yuanfeng Technology
2.6 Cockpit Display Business of Yuanfeng Technology
2.7 Summary on Intelligent Cockpit Business of Yuanfeng Technology

3 Cockpit Business of Desay SV
3.1 Operation of Desay SV
3.2 Cockpit Domain Controller Business of Desay SV
3.3 IVI and Vehicle Display Business of Desay SV
3.4 Cockpit Air Conditioner and Thermal Management Business of Desay SV
3.5 Vehicle Communication Business of Desay SV
3.6 Automated Parking Business of Desay SV
3.7 DMS Business of Desay SV
3.8 Telematics and Information Security Business of Desay SV
3.9 Summary on Cockpit Business of Desay SV

4 Cockpit Business of Thundersoft
4.1 Operation of Thundersoft
4.2 Cockpit OS Business of ThunderSoft
4.3 HMI Business of ThunderSoft
4.3 Intelligent Vision Business of ThunderSoft
4.4 Integrated Parking Business of ThunderSoft
4.5 Telematics and Entertainment Ecosystem Business of ThunderSoft
4.6 Information Security Products of ThunderSoft
4.7 Automated Testing Business of ThunderSoft
4.8 Other New Cockpit Businesses of ThunderSoft
4.9 Summary on Cockpit Business of ThunderSoft

5 Cockpit Business of Foryou
5.1 Operation of Foryou
5.2 Intelligent Cockpit Domain Controller Business of Foryou
5.3 Vehicle Display Business of Foryou
5.4 HUD Business of Foryou
5.5 Camera Monitor System (CMS) Business of Foryou
5.6 Cockpit HMI Business of Foryou
5.7 Intelligent Connectivity Business of Foryou
5.8 Other Cockpit Businesses of Foryou
5.9 Summary on Cockpit Business of Foryou

6 Cockpit Business of PATEO CONNECT+
6.1 Operation of PATEO CONNECT+
6.2 Cockpit Domain Controller and System Solution Business of PATEO CONNECT+
6.3 IVI OS and Display Business of PATEO CONNECT+
6.4 HMI Technology Business of PATEO CONNECT+
6.5 Intelligent Connectivity Business of PATEO CONNECT+
6.6 Vehicle Communication Business of PATEO CONNECT+
6.7 Summary on Cockpit Business of PATEO CONNECT+

7 Cockpit Business of Joyson Electronic
7.1 Operation of Joyson Electronic
7.2 Cockpit Domain Controller Business of Joyson Electronic
7.3 Intelligent IVI Business of Joyson Electronic
7.4 Vehicle Display Business (Center Console, Cluster, HUD, etc.) of Joyson Electronic
7.5 Automotive Air Conditioner Controller Business of Joyson Electronic
7.6 T-BOX/C-V2X/5G Business of Joyson Electronic
7.7 L2.5 and above Automated Parking System Business of Joyson Electronic
7.8 Driver Monitoring System (DMS) Business of Joyson Electronic
7.9 Cockpit Safety Module Business of Joyson Electronics
7.10 Other Cockpit Business of Joyson Electronic
7.11 Summary on Cockpit Business of Joyson Electronic

8 Cockpit Business of Huawei
8.1 Operation of Huawei
8.2 Intelligent Cockpit Computing Platform Business of Huawei
8.3 Intelligent Cockpit HarmonyOS IVI System Business of Huawei
8.4 Vehicle Display and Optical Display Business of Huawei
8.5 Intelligent Connectivity Business of Huawei
8.6 Hicar Business of Huawei
8.7 Parking Business of Huawei
8.8 Thermal Management System Business of Huawei
8.8 Other Intelligent Cockpit Businesses of Huawei
8.9 Summary of Huawei Smart Cockpit Business

9 Cockpit Business of ECARX
9.1 Operation of ECARX
9.2 Cockpit Computing Platform Business of ECARX
9.3 IVI OS Business of ECARX
9.4 Vehicle Communication Business of ECARX
9.5 Intelligent Connectivity Business of ECARX
9.6 Summary on Cockpit Business of ECARX

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