Leading International Tier1 Suppliers' Intelligent Cockpit Business in China Research Report 2023: Both Local Tier 1 Suppliers and Foreign Companies are Actively Localizing their Strategies

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The intelligent vehicle market is witnessing a surge in innovative cockpit products that emphasize multi-domain integration, multimodal interaction, and increased functional integration.

Tier 1 suppliers like Neusoft Group, Yuanfeng Technology, Desay SV, ThunderSoft, Joynext, PATEO CONNECT+, ECARX, Bosch, Aptiv, and Visteon have been diligently working over the past two years to introduce new-generation cockpit products.

These advancements are built upon mass-produced intelligent cockpit computing platforms such as Qualcomm 8155, with a strong focus on laying the groundwork for new-generation intelligent cockpit computing platform products that utilize high-performance chips like Qualcomm 8295 and AMD Ryzen. Volume production of these cutting-edge products is expected to commence in 2023.

In terms of vehicle communication, the integration of T-BOX with products like smart antennas and V-Box is becoming increasingly prominent. For instance, Continental has developed a next-generation T-BOX that incorporates a shark fin antenna. Meanwhile, Neusoft's innovative smart antenna products are enabling effective vehicle intelligent connections and cost savings through their 'all-in-one' design concept.

Neusoft's integration of 5G capabilities and its self-developed V2X protocol stack (VeTalk) have also led to customized development of V2X DAY1 and DAY2 scenarios and the creation of new 5G application possibilities. Neusoft has taken a lead by launching the 4G/5G+V2X BOX and achieving mass production, asserting its dominance in the market.

The flourishing Chinese intelligent vehicle market has become a global benchmark for technological innovation and consumer demand. Both local Tier 1 suppliers and foreign companies are actively localizing their strategies.

The localization of solutions and services has become a key focus for foreign Tier 1 giants. Collaborating with local Chinese companies, in addition to their own local teams, is a strategy to expand their presence in the market rapidly. Notable collaborations include Bosch's partnership with Autolink, Bosch's collaboration with WeRide, Continental's cooperation with Motovis, and ZF's joint efforts with Neusoft Reach.

This collaboration between foreign Tier 1 suppliers and Chinese technology firms enables swift responses to market changes, providing OEMs with innovative and diverse products tailored to their specific needs. For example, Bosch and Autolink's joint venture announced the new-generation intelligent cockpit 4.0 in April 2023.

This innovative solution seamlessly integrates in-cabin intelligence, vehicle services, and related ecosystems into a single middleware, representing a disruptive development in cockpit technology. It allows for efficient customization by different automakers, enabling the creation of personalized brands in the ever-evolving Chinese market.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Cockpit Business of Continental
1.1 Operation of Continental
1.2 Cockpit High Performance Computer (HPC) Business of Continental
1.3 IVI Business of Continental
1.4 Vehicle Display Business of Continental
1.6 Vehicle Communication Business of Continental
1.7 Automated Parking Business of Continental
1.8 In-cabin DMS/OMS Business of Continental
1.9 Cockpit Safety Solution Business of Continental
1.10 Cockpit Smart Surface Materials Business of Continental
1.11 Summary on Cockpit Business of Continental

2 Cockpit Business of Bosch
2.1 Operation of Bosch
2.2 Cockpit High Performance Computing Platform Business of Bosch
2.3 Vehicle Display Business of Bosch
2.4 IVI Business of Bosch
2.5 Vehicle Communication Business of Bosch
2.6 Automated Parking Business of Bosch
2.7 In-cabin DMS/OMS Business of Bosch
2.8 Cockpit Safety Solutions Business of Bosch
2.9 Summary on Cockpit Business of Bosch

3 Cockpit Business of Denso
3.1 Operation of Denso
3.2 Cockpit High Performance Computing Platform Business of Denso
3.3 Vehicle Display Business of Denso
3.4 IVI Business of Denso
3.5 In-cabin Thermal Management System Business of Denso
3.6 In-cabin DMS/OMS Business of Denso
3.7 Vehicle Communication Business of Denso
3.8 Automated Parking Business of Denso
3.9 Cockpit Safety Solution Business of Denso
3.10 Summary on Cockpit Business of Denso

4 Cockpit Business of Forvia (Faurecia and Hella)
4.1 Operation of Forvia
4.2 Cockpit Computing Platform Business of Forvia
4.3 ECU and BCM Business of Forvia
4.4 IVI Business of Forvia
4.5 Vehicle Display Business of Forvia
4.6 Cockpit Lighting System Business of Forvia
4.7 Cockpit of the Future Business of Forvia
4.8 Automated Parking Business of Forvia
4.9 In-cabin DMS/OMS Business of Forvia
4.10 Cockpit Safety Solution Business of Forvia
4.11 Cockpit Smart Surface Materials Business of Forvia
4.12 Seating Business of Forvia in the Trend for Intelligent Cockpits
4.13 Summary on Cockpit Business of Forvia

5 Cockpit Business of Panasonic
5.1 Operation of Panasonic
5.2 Cockpit Domain Controller and Chip Business of Panasonic
5.3 Intelligent IVI Business (IVI/Infotainment/Display) of Panasonic
5.4 Vehicle Display System Business of Panasonic
5.5 T-BOX/C-V2X Business of Panasonic
5.6 AVP System Business of Panasonic
5.7 DMS Business of Panasonic
5.8 Cockpit Safety Module Business of Panasonic
5.9 Summary on Cockpit Business of Panasonic

6 Cockpit Business of Valeo
6.1 Operation of Valeo
6.2 Vehicle Display Business of Valeo
6.3 Cockpit Air Conditioning and Thermal Management Systems Business of Valeo
6.4 Vehicle Communication Business of Valeo
6.5 Automated Parking Business of Valeo
6.6 In-cabin DMS/OMS Business of Valeo
6.7 Summary on Cockpit Business of Valeo

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