TrustFour Unveils Amundsen, First Product in Its TLS Control Plane

Most advanced tool for monitoring North-South TLS connection compliance, giving businesses unmatched actionable intelligence to ensure optimal security configurations.

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TrustFour, the first Transport Layer Security (TLS) Control Plane, announced today its first product, Amundsen, the industry’s most advanced TLS compliance monitoring tool, giving businesses unmatched actionable intelligence to fortify their defenses and safeguard their most valuable assets. Amundsen leverages its patented technology, for the first time allowing businesses to scan and monitor an organization’s external (North-South) boundary against National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-52R, the de facto configuration standard used by regulators to audit TLS implementation compliance in numerous industries that include finance, utilities, government and healthcare, among many others. 

As the most widely used security protocol, when configured correctly, TLS provides effective communications privacy and data integrity. Amundsen examines an organization’s domains and sub-domains, providing an easily digestible, detailed weekly report and trend analysis of the enterprise boundary that includes specific recommendations for helping businesses maintain compliance, ensuring that TLS is configured optimally, significantly increasing data integrity and privacy.

“TLS configuration is a mission-critical aspect of reducing the attack surface, ensuring data-in-transit data integrity and privacy, in the modern, multi-cloud and classical data center digital landscape. A single security incident can have severe repercussions for your brand reputation and customer trust. In addition, it has an incredible financial cost,” said Robert Levine, CEO of TrustFour, Inc. “Using Amundsen to monitor TLS configuration compliance gives organizations the most effective tool for identifying and maintaining a proactive North-South security stance. As the first product in our TLS Control Plane suite, we are pleased to begin our journey in helping organizations effectively ensure that their data remains secure and protected.”

In today's interconnected digital landscape, an organization’s ability to effectively monitor its North-South TLS configurations is imperative. With Amundsen, organizations can stay one step ahead of potential vulnerabilities. Amudsen’s key features include:

  • Monitoring external North-South TLS connection compliance against NIST 800-52R2;
  • Proactive weekly “delta” reporting on all sub-domain configuration changes;
  • Ongoing Monitor Map, of the enterprise boundary that TLS is configured optimally to provide data integrity and privacy;
  • Detailed reports by subdomain comparing each TLS parameter to NIST 800-52 guidelines;
  • Cataloging TLS versions, key lengths, cipher suites, and TLS options, among others;
  • Providing alerts when certificates expire in the next two weeks.

Pricing & Availability
TrustFour’s Amundsen is available today. It is priced at $299/ month for an annual subscription, for all of an organization’s domains.

About TrustFour, Inc.
Founded in 2022, TrustFour is the first TLS Control Plane, enabling organizations to effectively monitor and manage their workload interactions without having to refactor applications. By enabling organizations to detect, control and protect their transport layer security interactions, TrustFour helps organizations ensure data integrity and privacy in today’s dynamic, interconnected digital landscape. For more information, please visit

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