CloudCasa by Catalogic Simplifies Data Protection for Kubernetes for the Tribunal Regional Eleitoral in Para, Brazil

CloudCasa ensures data protection and adherence to government regulations for TRE-PA’s SUSE Rancher Applications

Paramus, NJ, Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CloudCasa by Catalogic, a leader in multi-cloud application resilience and mobility for Kubernetes, today announced its CloudCasa backup-as-a-service platform is now simplifying data protection for the Kubernetes environment of the Tribunal Regional Eleitoral Court in Para, Brazil (TRE-PA) by ensuring offsite data protection, adherence to government regulations, enhanced administration and upgrades, all with a simple pricing model.

The Regional Electoral Courts in Brazil or TREs are directly responsible for overseeing the electoral process in Brazil’s states and municipalities. Kubernetes has revolutionized application development and deployment. However, its advantages often lead to complex and hard to regulated environments with insufficient controls, especially when it comes to safeguarding critical data. For government institutions like the TREs, data loss or tampering could have severe consequences. Additionally, government institutions often grapple with limited resources, making the "as-a-service" approach a necessity.

With CloudCasa available in the SUSE Rancher Marketplace, TRE-PA was able to easily find, install and try CloudCasa on their Rancher clusters. They were able to seamlessly backup data at scale to the cloud from their large PostgreSQL databases on Longhorn storage. With no need for software or hardware installation, and no requirement to manage the cloud object storage used for backup, the institution could focus its IT resources on its core responsibilities.

“CloudCasa has a rich and yet simple to use cloud dashboard, with the possibility to manage multiple clusters and perform backups and restores among them all with a single license,” said Manoel Frederico Beltrão, Judicial Analyst at Tribunal Regional Eleitoral do Pará.

CloudCasa also provides TRE-PA with the ability to perform upgrades without disruption along with a capacity-based pricing model. CloudCasa as a SaaS solution aligned perfectly with the regional electoral court's growing Kubernetes footprint, eliminating concerns about upgrading and predicting the exact number of nodes and clusters needed in the future, allowing for flexibility and growth.

“While the initial motivation for the TRE-PA to explore CloudCasa was compliance with government regulations, the electoral court soon realized the true potential of the SaaS platform. Beyond data protection, CloudCasa provided a comprehensive solution that simplified Kubernetes administration, streamlined backup and restore processes, and facilitated seamless upgrades,” said Sathya Sankaran, Founder and GM, CloudCasa. “With its user-friendly interface and commitment to meeting the unique needs of government institutions, CloudCasa has ushered in a new era of efficient and secure Kubernetes management.”

By delivering the benefits of open source including Velero support and SaaS management, with no vendor lock-in, CloudCasa addresses management, governance, and compliance requirements for Kubernetes data protection and disaster recovery.


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