CTrust Launches Consulting Division, CTrust Services

CTrust expands it advisory services to help manage distressed assets in the cannabis space

DALLAS, Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CTrust, the first credit scoring and monitoring agency for cannabis businesses, announces the launch of its consulting division, CTrust Services. Building on CTrust’s scoring and monitoring technology, CTrust Services delivers objective, data-driven analytics and guidance to cannabis creditors or anyone managing distressed cannabis assets. CTrust Services further builds upon CTrust’s proprietary auctioning technology platform, Cobra, already approved by U.S. courts and used to auction over $12M in cannabis assets during its initial test period.

In conjunction with the launch, Dotan Y. Melech, founding member and former COO, is elevated to CTrust CEO. Ted Robinson, a legal cannabis and mortgage industry veteran who previously served as managing director of cannabis operations and strategy for UnitedCMC, joins the firm as chief business development officer and managing director of CTrust Services. Mitch Harhay, formerly CTrust’s CTO, is promoted to CTrust chief operating and technology officer.

“After a year under Giadha’s leadership, the CTrust Team has brought to market scalable solutions that measure and manage capital investment risk to offer cannabis businesses more equitable access to funding and help lenders better evaluate a risky market in which 75% of the industry’s assets are distressed,” said Melech. “Beyond credit scoring, cannabis stakeholders report an even more pressing need for distressed asset management, as well as receivership and company restructuring services; today we have the perfect combination of technology, team and services to meet this need.”

A founding member and former CEO, Giadha A. DeCarcer now sets her sights on building her foundation in support of female entrepreneurs worldwide. Combining CTrust’s unique investment risk algorithm with her long-standing passion for and understanding of women in business, her vision is to transform the way female founders access capital by revolutionizing how non-profit funding is acquired and disbursed, creating an equitable, scalable and self-sustaining model.

“I have lived through the good, bad and ugly of the female entrepreneur journey six times over in the past 30 years,” said DeCarcer. “With the incredible team at CTrust, we have made Dotan’s vision a reality by bringing the cannabis industry’s first credit scoring and monitoring solution to market, so I could not be happier to now pass on the baton to my dear friend and business partner Dotan, while I turn my attention to my deep-rooted commitment to improve, and hopefully help transform, the business climate for women entrepreneurs worldwide.”

About CTrust:
CTrust Services provides cannabis receivership services in support of other cannabis receivers and as the primary receiver. Utilizing CTrust’s scoring and modeling technology, CTrust Services delivers unbiased, data-driven information to cannabis creditors and others working with distressed cannabis assets; objective capital funding and expertise for receiverships; and its proprietary auction technology, which has already been approved by courts and used to auction more than $12M in cannabis assets worldwide during its initial test period.

CTrust tools and solutions increase operational and financial transparency into cannabis businesses to reduce investment risk, help cannabis businesses gain better access to capital, and allow investors and debt holders to more effectively price capital and manage market exposure. Launched in 2022 in response to a seismic cannabis industry shift from equity investment to debt financing, CTrust’s proprietary formula and rigorous approach to risk evaluation, scoring and monitoring facilitates more equitable business, investment and debt financing opportunities for founders, shareholders and creditors, keeping more cannabis businesses thriving in their communities. For more information, visit https://CTrust.io.

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