Local homebuilder making it easier than ever for renters to become homeowners.

Boise, Idaho, Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CBH Homes, Idaho’s number one homebuilder, is empowering renters and helping them invest in themselves with the CBH Trade Up Program.  

The rentals division of CBH started only 3 years ago and has been growing rapidly. This growth led to CBH taking a revolutionary step to ensure renters get more than just a place to call home. Bring in the CBH Trade Up Program. Going beyond the ordinary, the Trade Up Program offers renters the opportunity to build equity and secure their financial future while living in a CBH Rental property.

“Owning a home is the first step to creating wealth,” said Corey Barton, President/Owner of CBH Homes. “A home gives you more than just a place to live. You're gaining security. You're gaining an easy monthly savings button. You're gaining home appreciation. You're building your wealth every month. We want everyone to have that option.”

Why should renters choose the CBH Trade Up Program? Each month that CBH renters pay rent, 10% of that rent amount is accumulated, up to $5,000, to be used towards a new CBH home. That money can go toward a down payment, closing costs, rate buydown and more. The savings don’t stop there - CBH will also waive the lease break fee.

“No matter what stage of life you’re in, we are helping you invest in your own future. We know you aren’t always ready to buy, but when you’re ready, we’re going to make it easy and affordable,” said Ronda Conger, Vice President of CBH Homes. 

The CBH Trade Up Program empowers renters to take control of their housing journey, providing them with a clear path to homeownership while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a CBH Rental property.

For more information about the CBH Trade Up Program and to start your journey toward homeownership, please visit cbhhomes.com/trade-up.

About CBH Homes:
CBH Homes has been building dreams for Idahoans for over 31 years, and for 19 of those, CBH Homes is Idaho’s #1 Builder, an Idaho Best Place to Work, now ranked #48 in the nation and proudly working with over 25,000 happy homeowners. Cbhhomes.com RCE-923


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