Loadsmart Announces Managed Transportation (LMT) Expansion to Meet Growing Customer Demand and Market Growth

LMT Customers can expect an average of 25% freight spend savings in 90 days or less

Chicago, IL, Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Loadsmart, a leading freight logistics provider, announces the expansion of its Managed Transportation Services after latest results show an average of 25% savings on freight spend for its shippers and as demand for outsourced logistics continues to grow. This approach to transportation management is a comprehensive solution to oversee and manage the logistics and transportation operations for mid-market shippers. The expansion includes the addition of Managed Transportation Sales Executives, Key Operations & Service Delivery teams and digital tools, which allow Loadsmart to effectively service a growing customer base.

As navigating dynamic markets becomes more complex, there’s a growing need for expert-driven strategies that optimize supply chains and have a significant impact on the bottom line. In 2021, a Gartner survey of logistics leaders found that 74% were expecting to increase budgets for outsourced transportation management over the next two years. That trend continued in 2022 with Armstrong & Associates reporting 24% growth in net revenues for the US 3PL market.

Recognizing this, Loadsmart identified that mid-market shippers with annual transportation spend of $5M - $100M, could find the most value in managed transportation services due to the unique challenges they face, such as inadequate, outdated technology and a shortage of qualified resources.

Clients of Loadsmart’s Managed Transportation Services will access customized solutions after an assessment of current transportation KPIs, data, processes, and infrastructure to identify improvements and cost-saving opportunities. Loadsmart has the capability to enhance its clients' supply chain and transportation operations, offering either complete end-to-end logistics management, including procurement, planning, execution, freight audit & payment, claims management, reporting, and forecasting analysis; or provide collaborative support on certain services as needed.

“We’re not only just cutting costs, but instead leveraging technology, expertise, and deep industry insights to revamp our clients transportation strategies.” says Robb Porter, President of Managed Transportation at Loadsmart. “It’s the combination of these that are delivering such significant savings for our clients.”

To solve a shipper’s critical need for technology, Loadsmart utilizes their freight management platform, ShipperGuide, to bring visibility for its clients at every step of the shipping process as well as AI-enabled reporting tools that detail performance metrics and surface ongoing optimizations. 

Loadsmart’s commitment to expert oversight, technology integration, and tailored strategies ensures their Managed Transportation clients achieve cost savings, realize optimal performance, and achieve operational efficiency, while building a robust network strategy that balances near-term predictability and long-term adaptability. For more information on Loadsmart’s Managed Transportation, please visit loadsmart.com/shipper/managed-transportation

About Loadsmart
Loadsmart revolutionizes the logistics landscape by combining cutting-edge technology with high-level transportation services to optimize freight spend, increase efficiency, and enhance service quality. Whether it be through managed transportation services, freight management software, dock scheduling software, truck management solutions, dynamic freight brokerage, or tailor-made optimization solutions, we empower shippers, carriers, and warehouses to move more with less.. For more information, please visit: https://loadsmart.com


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