Command Alkon Dedicated to Fostering a Culture of Continuous Improvement Across the Entire Customer Journey

Initiatives Aim to Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Offer Rewarding Work Environments for Employees Through World-Class Practices and Improvement Strategies

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In alignment with their recently announced corporate focus and vision and Customer Operations transformation, Command Alkon, the leading software and solutions provider for the heavy building materials industry, is reinforcing its commitment to operational excellence by implementing Continuous Improvement and training initiatives to improve customer outcomes. These Continuous Improvement initiatives emphasize the importance of aligning ongoing product and service improvements with effective change management practices. The company has adopted a proactive approach to service management to regularly evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of people, processes, and technology to identify areas that require improvement.

"We believe that continuous improvement is not just a strategy, but a mindset that drives our organization towards excellence,” said Martin Willoughby, Chief Executive Officer at Command Alkon. “By embracing a culture of constant learning and innovation, we empower our teams to surpass their own limitations, achieve extraordinary results, and meet our customers’ evolving needs."

One of the ways that the company is doing this is by implementing Lean Six Sigma, a methodology that combines two approaches: Lean, which focuses on eliminating waste and increasing value, and Six Sigma, which focuses on reducing variation and defects. By applying Lean Six Sigma to business processes, the company plans to enhance customer satisfaction by delivering better quality and faster delivery. While the concept originated years ago in the manufacturing sector, its practices can drive improvements in nearly every aspect of a customer experience operation, from hiring and training to workforce planning to customer engagement.

Charlie Bissell, Senior Director of Service Transformation, joined the company in April of 2023 with the aim to facilitate process improvements, Lean and Six Sigma projects, and quality control. Charlie has 26 years of leadership experience in the IT sector and a passion for transformation and agile change leadership. He brings a proven record of improving Operational, Implementation, Support and Client Success services across multiple levels of an organization.

“It’s a pivotal time for Command Alkon as the company rallies around a new corporate strategy, and one way that we can deliver a customer-centric experience is to increase the skills and capabilities of all our employees so they can effectively engage in problem solving in their work areas,” said Bissell. “We’re very focused on the touch points that our customers have from sales all the way through customer success, and these Continuous Improvement initiatives will help to foster greater innovation and creativity from team members and help us to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs.”

At this time, the company is focused on implementing Lean incremental improvement projects that can be completed in 45–50 days and will be piloting Six Sigma methodologies and trainings with the Customer Operations team beginning in 2024. To learn more, contact Charlie at

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