Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) promote careers in the skilled trades to members of the Canadian Cadet Organizations

OTTAWA, Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Helmets to Hardhats (H2H) continues to promote in-demand and well-paying career opportunities within Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) to members of the Canadian military community. This summer, H2H expanded outreach initiatives to participants of the Canadian Cadet Program aged 16 to 18.

As Canada addresses labour availability issues across the country, Helmets to Hardhats is engaging with an untapped demographic of youth talent to support the unionized construction industry by building the workforce of tomorrow. By collaborating with the Canadian Armed Forces and the Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group leadership, Helmets to Hardhats visited 11 Cadet Camps across Canada to promote the opportunities for Cadet members within Canada’s 14 Building Trades Unions. Helmets to Hardhats connected with over 1,000 potential skilled trades employees of the future at Cadet Training Centres, such as:

-        CTC Greenwood and CTC Gagetown in Atlantic Canada
-        CTC Valcartier and CTC Kingston in Central Canada &
-        CTC Comox and CTC Brandon in Western Canada

Cadets are a valuable demographic to recruit into the skilled trades. There are approximately 52,000 Cadets across Canada, and 1/3 of them will be ready to enter the workforce when they finish high school. Cadets are also honing valuable skills that future employers within the unionized construction industry will appreciate. Throughout their time as a Cadet, they are taught leadership skills, develop an appreciation for health and safety and are instilled with the military values of excellence, discipline and physical fitness.

While BuildForce Canada estimates that the construction industry needs to recruit 299,200 new workers by 2032, Helmets to Hardhats understands the importance of promoting pathways to rewarding and life-long careers in the skilled trades to Canada’s youth.


“Helmets to Hardhats had a successful first year visiting Cadet camps across Canada to promote Canada’s Building Trades Unions as a viable and meaningful career option. We understand the immediate need that employers are facing to fill labour shortages, which is why we will continue to equip young Cadets with the knowledge, pre-employment safety training and direct referrals into the workforce to fill existing gaps. We look forward to building on this success with the Canadian Armed Forces in the future.” James Hogarth, Executive Director, Helmets to Hardhats

“Not every cadet chooses the CAF as a career so it’s really an amazing initiative that H2H can truly support the cadets in a skilled trade career opportunity as they transition out of the program. H2H helps cadets identify those skills that they gained in the program to support them outside the program.” Cadet CWO Carmina Gismondi.

“It was an amazing opportunity for those cadets interested in the trades to learn that there is more than one skilled trade to consider. The H2H presenters were friendly, and it was nice to hear about the opportunities they offer as cadets and CAF members transition from the CAF and cadet program.” Cadet WO2 Samantha Middleton

Canada’s Building Trades Unions (CBTU) have always been proud to support Helmets to Hardhats Canada and the important work they do to support Veterans looking to start a second career in the unionized skilled trades. Now they’re taking it one step further and engaging with military cadets to inform them of the opportunities available in the skilled trades that make use of the skillset cadets and Veterans develop during their military training and experience. CBTU will continue to support Helmets to Hardhats Canada and work with the next generation of cadets and Veterans to provide them with rewarding opportunities and address labour availability needs across Canada.” Sean Strickland, Executive Director, Canada’s Building Trades Unions

Contact information:
Aidan Strickland, Director of Communications
Helmets to Hardhats Canada