Meet Stapelstein: Introducing Pioneers of Open-Ended, Active Play

Winning European Children’s Brand Launches in U.S. and is a 2023 Toy of the Year Award Finalist – Meet them at Toy Fair New York

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Designers and visionaries Stephan Schenk and Hannah König are thrilled to announce the launch of their award-winning children’s brand Stapelstein to the U.S. market.

After learning of the lack of activity amongst children and diving into the science of play as a practice, Schenk and König imagined a world that could be transformed for the better—physically, emotionally, and mentally—all through the power of play.

The result is Stapelstein, founded in 2016 in Germany, which offers up a range of products designed to unlock the potential of play while improving the world around us. Since its launch, the brand has earned prestigious accolades including the spiel gut® quality label, presented by the German Committee for Children's Play and Toys, along with the certification of being "Besonders entwicklungsfördernd" (particularly development-promoting) by the Federal Association for Posture and Physical Activity Promotion. These commendations are a testament to Stapelstein's unparalleled vision, highlighting its commitment to delivering exceptional toys that adhere to the highest standards of play quality and child development.

Unique and innovative to its core, the Stapelstein collection for the U.S. launch is comprised of Stapelstein Originals (stacking elements) and the Stapelstein Board (balance and stacking board). Versatile, durable, and fun, these products can be used alone or together to create a variety of games, structures, and landscapes all while encouraging open play and creativity in children, educators and caregivers.

The vibrant and aesthetically pleasing elements possess a remarkable ability to transform any room into an adventure playground, an obstacle course, or a fantasy world—perfect for stacking, bouncing, balancing, building, jumping, climbing, or anything children can imagine.

“We’ve poured our passion into creating products that foster out-of-the-box thinking, promote movement and activity, and bring families and communities closer together,” says Schenk. “We’re grateful to have had an amazing response in Europe; it’s a dream to bring Stapelstein to the U.S. and to continue to amplify the benefits of open-ended, active play.”

Crafted in Germany with climate-neutral production methods, Stapelstein elements are made from eco-friendly EPP foam (expanded polypropylene) that is expanded in a production process solely using pure air and water vapor, making them lightweight, remarkably strong, and durable. They are free from harmful substances, food-grade (safe for little mouths to teethe on), odorless and entirely recyclable. Balance, float, spin or stack—find yourself intrigued and engaged by the myriad ways these beautifully-designed objects integrate into homes and classrooms.

Stapelstein is acclaimed among parents, educators and childhood experts for the overarching mission behind its products: To transform the present moment and our collective future through the power of play. Without rules and prescriptive play, children of all abilities and ages are free to experiment and discover playtime in ways that widen their perspectives. A revolutionary movement that considers the activity, imagination and innovation of our next generation—it’s play, the Stapelstein way.

Join us at the 2023 Toy Fair New York where Stapelstein will be featured on Level 1 Exhibit Hall at Booth 5685. As a testament to its excellence, Stapelstein will also be proudly displayed as a Toy of The Year Finalist at Crystal Palace (Level 3) and the North/South Concourse (Level 2). This marks a significant milestone for the brand, introducing its innovative products to a wider audience and gaining recognition among industry experts and enthusiasts alike.

About Stapelstein
Established in 2016 by partners Stephan Schenk and Hannah König, Stapelstein helps unlock children’s potential with a collection of sustainable, minimalist products that encourage creativity, movement, imagination, and confidence—all through the power of play. Since its launch Stapelstein has received the prestigious spiel gut® quality label, presented by the German Committee for Children's Play and Toys, along with the certification of being "Besonders entwicklungsfördernd" (particularly development-promoting) by the Federal Association for Posture and Physical Activity Promotion, has sold over one million units, and recently launched the brand in the U.S. (September 2023). Made in Germany from eco-friendly EPP, Stapelstein’s production methods, sustainable design and passion for open play offers children endless opportunities for creative expression. Better play for a better world.

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